Bakers Twine Organizers

If you love using baker's twine, you know it can be a challenge to store and organize. Spools seem to roll around everywhere.  At Totally-Tiffany we make a variety of storage and organization options for craft supplies like baker's twine.  If you travel with your supplies, our Buddy Bags could be a good fit.  If you've got shelf or desk space, you'll love the visibility and accessibility or storing your baker's twine in our Desk Maid desktop organizers.  Check out the available options below to see each item in use with baker's twine.  Click on the image to enlarge, click on the product name to get more product details and information or click on the brand name to see all the product available in that brand group.

Stamp & Supply Stadium

Organize up to 15 spools of Bakers Twine per row. Use this desk organizer to not only keep your twine organized but to display them for all to see. This makes finding exactly what you need easy, and storing them even easier!

EZ2Organize Teresa Buddy Bag

This Buddy Bag can store up to 11 spools of twine, all wrapped up in a clear bag to make it easy to see. No more digging around in bags and boxes. Teresa lets you store your twine in plain sight all while being travel friendly.

Stadium Arranger

The Stadium Arranger is an easy to use organizer for so many small craft supplies.  This arranger will hold 81 spools of baker's twine.  9" ddep by 9.5" wide.   The image shows glitter glues which are about he same size as baker's twine.

EZ2Organize 1" Punch & Supply Pack

This handy bag is great for organizing things that roll.  The pull out tray helps you keep things contained while you use them.  The 1" Punch & Supply Pack will hold up to 42 spools of baker's twine.

EZ2Organize Edna Buddy Bag

This Buddy Bag can store up to 40 spools of twine.  Perfect for tossing in your crop tote when you're headed to a crafting event.


Stash & Store 7 Drawer Case

Stores up to 14 spools of Bakers twine in 1 drawer. If you need extra desk space use the Stash & Store to keep your twine out of the way and organized. You can easily pull the drawer out to see your array of colorful twine, nicely tucked away.