10 things to organize with the 3″ Flippin’ Storage Binder

Yes, the Flippin’ Storage Binder was designed with card makers in mind, but it has certainly evolved as so many of our products do. While this post lists just 10 things to organize in the Flippin’ Storage Binder, I’m sure you’ll find many more.  When you do, I hope you’ll share your ideas with me/us by using the comment box below. As with most of my posts, click on the images to enlarge them and then use your back arrow to return to this post.

We’ll start with the obvious – cards and card blanks.

Cards you’ve made are often heavily embellished and could use a layer of protection until you’re ready to send them.  The trouble is, you want to be able to see them to easily choose the right card to send to that special someone.  The 3″ Flippin’ Storage Binder is ideal for this purpose.  The front pockets on each page are 4×6, the back pockets are 5×7. In most cases, you’ll be able to put 2 cards in each pocket, so when you “flip” the pocket you’ll see the second card.

Store cards by sentiment; Thank You, Birthday, Congratulations…
Store card blanks by color.
Use the label pocket on the outside of the binder to label each sentiment.

Great for card making supplies

Stamps, dies, and embossing folders can all be stored in the Flippin’ Storage Binder.  For dies, try using our medium or small Die, Stamp & Stencil pockets. Learn more about storing dies in the 3″ Flippin’ Storage Binder.

Red rubber stamps and clear stamps can both be stored in the pockets of the Flippin’ Storage Pages.

Use the image off the packaging of your embossing folders to easily create an image label for each embossing folder.

If you’re looking for a lighter weight way to organize dies, the Flippin’ Storage Binder is the perfect solution. Learn more…

It’s easy to store dies and stamps by designer.

If you’ve got a favorite designer you may want to keep your dies and stamps together by designer and/or by theme within that designer’s book.  I recently visited Stephanie Barnard at her offices in California.  While I was there I picked up a whole collection of “birthday” themed dies and stamps.  I stored them all together in this Flippin’ Storage Binder.

Embellishments can be organized by theme, holiday, sentiment or type.

Many paper crafting embellishments come in 4×6 or 5×7 formats, especially for card making.  When you store embellishments in the Flippin’ Storage Binder they are easy to browse through, store on the shelf and transport to your workspace or a crafting event.

Organize photos by layout or event

The pockets of the Flippin’ Storage pages can handle up to 6 photos in either 4×6 or 5×7.  Use the pockets to group photos together for pre-planning layouts and projects.  I use sticky notes to label each pocket for easy reference.

Stencil storage simplified

Stencils have a tendency to “get hung up” on each other. If they’re piled up it’s difficult to see the designs.

Add a sheet of cardstock or white paper to each Flippin’ pocket and you’ll be able to store 2 stencils in each pocket.  The paper between the two will make it easy to pull the stencils out and put them away.

Bling, Bling, Bling

Embellishments like Bling can also be stored in a Flippin’ Storage Binder.  Organize bling as you would other supplies, by theme, sentiment, holiday/season or color.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you got a few goods ideas for getting your craft supplies organized.

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  1. I am very interested in the the die storage system. Where can I buy it. Also, do I need 3 different notebooks for other storage things ? Thanks.o

  2. I love and use the Flippin’ Storage Binder for my brass stencils and put two to each pocket with cardstock in between. This works great because the pockets in the binder come in two sizes and my brass stencils come in a variety of sizes. And the binder and inserts can easily handle the weight of the brass stencils. Of course, the pockets are all numbered and swatched in my master binder. Great item!

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