12×12 ScrapMaster Storage Options

Where can you store the ScrapMaster?

During the Tuesday Live event, there were several people asking, where to store your filled ScrapMasters.  The ScrapMaster was designed to work with all of our 12×12 standard paper storage solutions.

I’ve provided some rough estimates below.  What  you can fit into anyone of the these 12×12 solutions will vary based the fullness of your ScrapMasters.

My recommendation is that you store your scraps with or near their corresponding full sheets of paper.  I talked a little about combining colors – blue & green together, red & pink together, in a ScrapMaster, then sliding the ScrapMaster in between those colors in your paper storage system.  Remember your ScrapMasters can be stored vertically or horizontally, whichever is easier for reading the label tabs.

The 12×12 Fab File

This handy, portable box will hold up to 3 ScrapMasters.  Fab Files have a locking lid, so they are a great choice if you store your supplies somewhere that is dusty or if you need to be able to stack them. Fab Files also travel well in your crop tote. Learn more…

12×12  Paper Junkie Paper Storage Boxes

You’ll be able to fit up to 5 ScrapMasters in a Paper Junkie Paper Storage Box.  These boxes are designed to be used at home.  They work very well if you lay them on their backs in a cube style storage.  They’re not the best for travel. They are available at Hobby Lobby. Learn more…

Paper Handler – 12×12

12×12 Paper Handlers will accommodate 3-5 ScrapMasters,  Paper Handlers are a good choice if you move your paper around, from a shelf to your workspace or to crafting events.  The pull up handles make transportation easy.  They’re sturdy enough to travel in your crop tote.  Learn more…

Thanks for stopping by today to learn a little more about The ScrapMaster and how it can be used to help organize your crafting supplies.  If you have other uses for The ScrapMaster, I hope you’ll take a moment and share them with us.  Use the comment box below or email your suggestions to us – CustomerService@Totally-Tiffany.com.

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