3 more ways to use the 12×18 Jumbo Fab File

Rolled Vinyl Sheets

Keeping your vinyl sheets rolled up helps to protect them, but makes them difficult to store in a way where they won’t get crushed.  The Jumbo Fab File is a great solution.  Simply stand your rolled sheets of vinyl up in the box, label the end, and put it on a shelf. Your vinyl is protected, accessible AND portable.  Up to 10 rolls of vinyl will fit in 1 Jumbo Fab File. If you’ve got the short rolls of vinyl, (used in the smaller machine), try the 6×6 Fab File.

Gift bags by theme

Gift bags are a popular wrapping option, but storing them can be difficult.  The 12×18 Fab File will hold a huge variety of sizes and shapes.  My suggestion: store your gift bags by theme (if that idea sounds familiar, you may have attended a Get Organized Challenge class). When you’ve got your gift bags all mixed together in one place it can be a pain to dig through the pile in search of the perfect bag.

When you store your gift bags by theme, it will be easier to find just what you need.  You’ll also know if you’re running low on a particular theme and need to restock.

I also recommend storing your gift bags vertically in the Jumbo Fab File if possible.  This will make it easier to pull out the bag you need without it getting hung up on the other bags.

Label or decorate your gift bag Jumbo Fab Files and they’ll be even easier to identify on the shelf. You’ve probably got some themed washi tape that will work perfectly.

Small quilts and large mementos

When my sons were born, my mother made them beautiful cross-stitched baby quilts. I’ve been moving these around for nearly 20 years trying to keep them nice for the boys.

The Jumbo Fab File is the perfect storage box for these small quilts.  It would also work well for storing other large mementos.

What else could you store in a Jumbo Fab File?

Rolls or folds of fabric
Plastic canvas for needlework
Large embroidery hoops
12×18 foam sheets
Kids’ crafts
Placemats, napkins and napkin ring sets
Fine art sketches, sketch books

Do you have other ideas about how to use the Jumbo Fab File? If so, I hope you’ll share them with us.

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4 Responses to 3 more ways to use the 12×18 Jumbo Fab File

  1. Are there dividers or pocket files for this size fab file? I have a couple of templates that are larger than 12 X 12 and would love to store them into something like this?

    • Hi Jackie –
      We don’t have bigger file pockets than our 12×12 (which are a bit bigger than 12×12), but it might work to just cut one side and let bigger pieces stick out the end of the pocket. It would be more like a clear plastic file folder with one sealed side. Hope that helps!

        • Hi Jackie – good question! The Die File Sleeves *do* fit in the 12×18 Fab File! The opening of the Sleeves is at the short end, while the 12×18 Fab File opens on the long end, but they definitely can work to organize items inside the Jumbo Fab File.

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