If you’re well organized you’ll be able to craft on the fly.
Keeping things organized makes it easy to create items on the fly!  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to craft because “it just takes too long to find your stuff.”  Get Organized and you’ll be able to create quickly and easily.  Join us for the FallGet Organized Challenge – Click here to sign up.

  I found this great idea for an old frame that was reused as a bathroom vanity tray.  I immediately thought – “Hey, I could fill that frame with just about anything and use it as a serving tray.”  That sent my mind racing.

  With the holiday season right around the corner there will be so many little “details” we need to take care of that our opportunity to create gets stifled by time constraints.  With your supplies organized and accessible, you’ll be able to take advantage of many more of these opportunities.

  One common occurrence during the holiday season is joining friends, family, coworkers, etc .,  at potluck style events. 
  Be ready to “wow” the others at the event with a tray that appears to be custom made.  Just find an old frame – or start with a new one – choose something that suits your style and personality; ornate and girly to sleek and hip, any type of frame will work.

  If it’s not the right color don’t worry about it.  One of the wonderful things I learned from my mother; who always had a beautiful home even though we had very little money, was that a can of spray paint can transform just about anything.  Spray the frame whatever color you need it to be.  The next time you need it, don’t be afraid to hit it with yet another color.  You can change the frame every time you use it.  My mother transformed a pair of 1960s chrome bubble lamps into everything from high tech hip to beachy  and beige using spray paint and a few other supplies she had in her craft closet.  I can remember at least 4 different transformations, each of them cooler than the last.  While I don’t have any examples of her actual lamps, this is exactly what she started with:

Tips for creating your “tray”.

 Secure the glass in the frame with silicone adhesive, so no water will be able to seep under the glass and destroy the layout you’ve created.

  Use hot glue to adhere small wooden feet to the back part of the frame.  Add a piece of felt to the bottom of each of the feet, this will keep the back of the frame from scraping the surface on which it is sitting as well as make it easier to lift.  You can also add cabinetry handles to frame if you choose.
  Create your layout – anything from “Happy Birthday” to “Thanks for inviting me”.  Each time you attend an event you’ll be able to change the layout in the frame so it’s specific to the occasion, but you’ll only have time to create if you’re supplies are organized and accessible.  So Get Organized, and Get Crafting!  Join us for the Fall Get Organized Challenge –click here to sign up today!
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  1. This a great gift idea. I made one with the Happy Birthday sheet music glued on pretty paper, then put in the frame. My girlfriend loved it! I'm thinking of framing a Christmas card for mom.

  2. What a great idea, Tiffany! My first reaction was, gotta go to a thrift shop today and find a suitable frame, but then I remembered the box of framed pictures we brought home from cleaning out my Mom's apartment! These would make great gifts too!

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