20 for 21 Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: Organize your sheets

Digging through your linen closet for sheet sets can be so annoying! Try storing your sheets where you use them – in the same room as the bed.

Is there space in a dresser, in an under the bed storage box, or in the closet? I’ve stored my extra sheet sets in each bedroom closet.  Because it’s dusty here, I keep my white sheets tucked neatly inside a Fab File.

A 3 Ring Album Storage Fab File will hold a king size sheet set perfectly.

When storing sheets in the linen closet,  don’t separate flat, fitted, & pillowcases – put the whole set together including extra pillow cases. Wrap the flat sheet around the whole bundle.  When you’re ready to change bed linens, you can just grab the bundle out of the closet and know you’ve got everything you need.

What else is in your linen closet? Towels, table cloths, placements…

Often times we end up with piles of things we don’t use because we don’t want to “dig” through the pile. If this is the case in your linen closet – figure out a way to eliminate the “digging” issue so you’re beautiful linens are more accessible.  For me, I found that hanging table linens was more efficient and more user friendly (also reduced the need to iron) than stacking them.  Could you hang your table linens in your coat closet, or, now that you’ve purged your bedroom closet, could you hang them there?

Is it possible to put your extra towels in the bathroom where they are used? How many towels do you really need?

Sometimes just taking the time to ask yourself the question – “Do I need this many ____________?” can be enough to motivate you to donate your extra items.


______ Eliminate sheets that no longer fit beds you own

______ Eliminate pillow cases that don’t match your sheets

______ Limit yourself to 2 sets of sheets for each bed – possibly 4 sets if you use different sheets in the colder months.

______ Bundle sheets in sets rather than separating them out by flat, fitted, king pillow, etc..

______ Evaluate your towels – how many do you need.

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  1. Another idea for storing sheet sets is to put the set into one of the pillow cases for the set. That’s what I’m working on now.

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