20 for 21 Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: Think – Left to Right, Back to Front and Top to Bottom when organizing any space

How can you fill your space more efficiently without compromising visibility and accessibility?

Choose a room, closet, cupboard anywhere you’ve got empty space – and ask yourself  “how could I use this space more efficiently?”

The easiest space to find – bookshelves with adjustable shelf locations.  Often times just moving shelves up or down, and then changing the items arranged on them to keep items of similar size on each shelf can help to create tons of space. 

Rule 1 – Avoid stacking things on top of each other whenever & wherever possible.  Stacking things means you will need to unstack them to get to the thing under the top thing.  This always makes things more difficult.

Rule 2 – Avoid putting the shelves into a shelving unit until you know the dimensions of what’s going on them.

Rule 3 – Can you turn something on it’s end, side or back to make it fit the space more efficiently and increase it’s accessibility?

To Do:

_____ Look around your house – where are the gaps or stacks?

_____ Is it possible to organize and make things more accessible by turning things a different direction?

_____ Make a list of anywhere you might be able to adjust shelving heights or add more shelving to

_____ Maximize accessibility and minimize stacking.

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Happy Crafting!

2 Responses to 20 for 21 Challenge: Day 11

  1. Zdravím z Brna – České republiky,
    překladač Google mi našel vaše stránky o tvoření.
    Neumím tak rychle pracovat podle vašeho návodu, ALE hoooodně ho využívám.
    Je to skvělé, rozhodla jsem se zrovna letos o uspořádání věcí v pracovně i jinde doma.
    Děkuji za vaši inspiraci.
    Omlouvám se , že píšu česky, třeba se vám podaří přeložit .
    Přeji stálé zdraví a děkuji za vašei práci . těším se na další dny výzvy.
    S pozdravem – tvoření zdar
    Eva Ježová, Brno

  2. Just last week I adjusted the shelves on a bookshelf to be 13-14 inches high to store all my paper – cardstock and patterned paper are now closer to eye-height so I don’t have to sit on the floor to find paper for layouts. Whoo-hoo!

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