20 for 21 Challenge: Day 13

Day 13: Label things on 4 or 5 sides

This sounds a little bit silly, or overkill, but remember – “If it’s easy it gets done” – I should add to the end of that, the word – “properly.”  If it’s easy to find the correct box, bin, tote – you’re far more likely to put the correct things into the correct container. 

If you’ve only labeled your boxes on one side, and the box gets put on the shelf backward, it might as well not be labeled at all.  Now you’ve got to take the extra effort to take the box off the shelf and turn it around.

Or if you’re shelves get rearranged and the boxes are turned at a different angle – you can no longer see the label.  Taking the extra time to label all 4 sides and the top will pay off in the long run.

This is a MUST if you’re moving!  When we moved to Arizona I added labels to 5 sides of each box, because everything got moved around multiple times while we were building, it wasn’t nearly as organized as I would have liked.

However, because everything was labeled on multiple sides, I was still able to find things pretty easily when I needed them or was ready to move them to their permanent home.

To Do:

_____ Create a label station – markers, tape, stickers use a basket or a ziplock bag, store it somewhere convenient.

_____ Works closet by closet, shelf by shelf…adding labels.

_____ Make a habit of labeling new things on 5 sides.

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  1. OOOO – this is a great idea! I have a 10-drawer storage for other hobbies with less items than scrapbooking – think beads, wooden words, flowers, empty pill bottles for storing stuff, etc. I also have 2 sets of shelving units with 13×13 cubes. Both the drawers and cubes are labeled but only on one side. Need to add more labels to both!

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