20 for 21 Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: Divide your pantry into zones and label it

In crafting we talk a lot about buying duplicates of things.  This is a common issue in the pantry as well. 

If you’re the main user of your pantry cupboard you might think this task sounds a little silly – you know where your cake mixes are – right???

However, if there are other family members who also use the pantry, labels will help them find what they need and also help them put things away properly.

You can get fancy with your labels – maybe use your Cricut, or you can keep it simple, use your standard label maker. 

Even if you don’t get things put away in the “exact” right space, if you’ve got things in the correct “zone” you’re much more likely to find what you need.

This was a really great task for me to go through.  When we moved into the house, things got put into the pantry without much thought. Now that we’ve used it for awhile it’s time to organize and label.

What I tried to do was to keep things together I used together, and to also put the things we used most often within the easiest reach.  I’m hoping this will help my husband put things back where he found them.  I’ll  keep you posted on that.

I’m actually going to wait a week or 2 to label the shelves. If all goes well through the next couple of Costco runs – these items will stay where they are.


_____ Label with paper or sticky notes as your arranging.

_____ Consider placing thing you need most often in the most accessible space.

_____  Are you keeping things together you use together? Pasta & sauce, peanut butter & bread?

_____ Add permanent labels when you’re finished.

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  1. Divided; now need labels! Funny story: several years ago I moved around items from cupboard to cupboard in our cottage, and as a reminder of what was inside each, I posted a label on the outside cupboard doors. My hubby had an ice fishing weekend with a bunch of men/boys after I had done that but before I got used to the changes. When I returned home from the weekend away, my hubby told me the MEN (not the boys) got a kick out of the labels and had switched them all around! Funny guys. 🙂

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