20 for 21 Challenge: Day 15

Day 15: Kitchen Utensils

I’ll be the first to admit there are things in my utensil drawer I don’t use often, but when I need them they’re there. 

I thought these odd items were most often needed during the holiday season when I may be doing more baking/cooking/entertaining than during the normal course of the year.  I’ll also admit there are things in my utensil drawer I’ll probably never use.

In order to decide what I would use and what I wouldn’t – I pulled everything out of the drawer and put it in a box in my pantry. I did this “pre-holiday”.

Throughout the holiday season, I periodically pulled things out of the box, used them, and put them back in the drawer. This is similar to turning your hangers around in the closet.

After all of the holiday festivities were over and my kitchen was back to “normal” I went through the box. What I found were several things I would never use (those went to the donate box), and several things that actually belong somewhere else in my kitchen or home.  It almost felt like cleaning out a “junk drawer.”

As an example, the parts to the big mixer and the accessories for the food processor were all in the utensil drawer box.  These parts and accessories are always and only used with the mixer and the food processor.  I used a handled baskets and separated out these things then stored them together with the mixer and the food processor – “keep things together you use together.” LOL

The nippers that I use to trim the ends off flowers before I put them in a vase were also in the utensil drawer.  These were moved to the cupboard where I keep empty vases.

All of this reorganizing left me with a ton of space in my “utensil” drawer.  I was able to move a few things out of my food storage drawer – that we’re food storage – so now my utensil drawer is more of a “Grate, Chop, Mash & Roll specialty drawer.

As a side note – these are not all of the utensils I have/use – my everyday utensils are next to the stove in a couple of canisters.

To Do:

_____ Go through your utensils and sort out by use. 

_____ Move the utensils that don’t actually belong in the drawer to a new, more appropriate home.

_____ Sort out what you use and what you need to donate or giveaway.

_____ Reorganize the drawer.

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  1. This task makes me sweat buckets! There are so many “favorite” utensils that I barely use but don’t want to give up. This will be difficult for me.

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