20 for 21 Challenge: Day 19

Day 19: Choose Organization Products That Work The Way You Do

We talk a lot about this during our crafting organization classes, the same ideas are true for whatever you’re trying to organize. 

I found this really amazing expandable organizer online.  It turns the “piles” of current work –  into vertical and accessible “files” on my desk.  It works the way I do and because it expands and contracts there’s always just the right amount of space in it for the projects and other things  I need to keep organized on my desktop.

Before you purchase new organization products, spend some time thinking about how you use the space and the items or products you need to organize. 


_____ Identify an area or items that you access regularly that needs to be organized.

_____ Create a “practice” organizer – something that is  “makeshift” but already available to you.  If you start using it and your idea is good then you can search the internet (or your favorite storage store) for a “real” organizer.  

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5 Responses to 20 for 21 Challenge: Day 19

  1. Where did you find that cool expandable organizer. That is something that I would dearly love to find. My searches did not result in finding it, I am not great at internet searches. Could you please direct me to the website?


  2. Have purged so much last year that I don’t have any more to organize because I don’t have near as much. Less than 13 spices for example. Purged so much I don’t have a hole punch any more! Shucks! Now taking time to add storage containers in at a small amount at a time. Just love your site!

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