20 for 21 Challenge: Day 20

Day 20: Maximizing the usefulness of deep cabinets – bathroom, laundry room, under the sink, garage, etc.

Add bins or trays that pull out so you can easily access things in the back.

The deep and usually low cabinets in a bathroom or laundry room generally end up being a mass of things that have just been pushed to the back as other things get added to the front.

Solve this problem by creating trays that will easily slide in and out of your cabinet(s).

In the bathroom I used a trimmed down Paper Storage Box and a couple of Vinyl Roll Trays – these were ideal for the bathroom because most things that are under the sink are bottles of similar shapes and sizes.

In the laundry room I had some cleaning supplies and piles of cleaning rags. I consolidate the cleaning supplies on one side of the cabinet and organized the towels and rags using a basket and a bin – both of which can be pulled out easily.  Simple to grab what I need for cleaning and also to put clean towels back after they’ve been washed.  I even gained a little space in the cabinet.

Both the basket and bin I used have a handle.  It’s nice, but I’m not sure it’s necessary.


_____ Take a look in your under the sink or laundry room cabinets – are the things stored there easy to access?

_____ Try placing them in a pull-out bin, basket or even a cardboard box – if the box works well, you can always shop for the perfect bin later.

There are a variety of shelf accessories that you can purchase that create this same “pullout” effect.  I’ve had a hard time finding just the right size in a premade option. They can also be expensive.  Test out this simple solution, and if you love it, you can always invest in having the hardware installed to create a permanent solution.

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  1. Following and doing something every day I have off when I am in my house. Have been doing your challenges and just made another purchase of your fabulous products.

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