20 for 21 Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Mail Discipline – Directly to the recycle bin

Mail can be a huge clutter creator. 

Your challenge today – get started on a more organized method of mail management.

When you get the mail from your mailbox, go directly to your recycle bin. 

Stand near the bin and sort the mail, tossing everything you don’t need directly into the bin.  This includes opening the things you intend to keep and throwing the envelopes and all the “stuffing” directly into the bin.  When you’re done, you should have a small pile of just the things you need/want.

One of the things I received in the mail today was a Christmas Card.  This year, I started a Christmas Card “group” in my contacts list.  With the move to Arizona, I don’t see or talk with friends from the Northwest as often as I did when I lived there, so I started this list to ensure I wouldn’t forget anyone in 2021.  This is a “bonus” idea for being more organized in 2021.  

If you’re already doing this you can just check this challenge off as done!

If you’re not already doing this, set up a 30-day checklist – so you can check off each day that you handle your mail right away.  Allow yourself the bonus of checking off Sunday when no mail arrives.  After 30 days you’ll have set the groundwork for a solid habit.


______ 30 Day Checklist Created

______ Put a box cutter, letter opener and/or scissors near your mail sorting area.

______ Set up your Christmas Card list for 2021

______ 30 Day Checklist Completed – YAY!!!!

______ Done

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Happy Crafting!

3 Responses to 20 for 21 Challenge: Day 3

  1. I was wanting to send you a Christmas card to welcome you to AZ but couldn’t find a PO Box anywhere!!! Welcome to AZ! You obviously love it like I do! Been here for almost 40 years now.

  2. I was so tired of piles of paper(mail, kids school papers,etc) years ago. I thought about things that might work for me, wrote down a few ideas, and spoke to my husband(who was fine with papers everywhere!). He reluctantly agreed to “try” it. I let him choose from the 3 “workable ideas” I had, or suggest one (with 3 young kids lots of school papers that needed signed, I needed HIS BUY IN). He chose the system of plastic drawers-one for each family member. I also put a shredder, recycle bin and “Guard your ID PLUS” (Blackout ink that works even on prescription labels.) I use it on things before I recycle. Credit card offers, other very sensitive data I shred. It didn’t take long for it to become a habit. He comes home, gets the mail, sorts into drawers, then recycles or shreds most of his. Thanks for the reminder Tiffany, as I am the one who has slacked off! Added bonus: our kids were at the right age to learn by example.

  3. Excellent Habit! My recycle bin is in kitchen next to the shredder and garbage. Think I’ll use to day to find more spaces to convert to upright storage via dividers: already using them to stabilize upright paper storage containers [every 3-4], handbags, book piles, & upright Buddy Bags. Need some to contain kitchen parchment and foil, also the semi-mess on coat closet top shelf.

    For open-ended storage shelves, I use several bungee cords with hooks on each end [hardware store in assorted sizes] to keep things from sneaking off the ends and self-destructing on the floor.

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