20 for 21 Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Commit purging the things in your closet you never wear/use.

I’ve set a goal to purge 50% of the items in my closet – YIKES!!!! That seems like a big number.

empty hangers in closet

Several months ago I hung all the hangers in my closet backward on the hanging rod.  Each time I wore something, I turned the hanger around. 

Now I’ll have a good idea of what I actually wear.  I’m hoping this makes it easier to choose which things I want to give away.

I started this process over the weekend.  I had 199 hangers with garments on them – now I’ve got 56 empty hangers – 44 decisions left to make.

boxes of sweaters in closets

I’ll sort the sweater boxes next. I’ve got 6 boxes that are all full.  These boxes have a clear window in the front.  I’ll most likely keep all 5 boxes, but arrange the sweaters inside them so they are easier to access – currently they are stacked in the boxes so if I want something from the bottom I’ve got to take everything else out.  I need to get vertical…hmmm, that idea is giving me an idea for a new product design.

I’ve also been able to purge a few pairs of shoes and a couple of handbags – I’ll confess, the handbags are the most difficult for me.  I forgot to count the shoes and handbags before I started, but I’m a long way from 50% – LOL. 


_____ Set a goal for the # of items you want to purge from your closet.

_____ Spend 21 minutes purging your closet.

_____ Schedule 21 minutes every month, until you’re closet purging, is complete.

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  1. I love the idea of doing this for only 21 minutes each month otherwise the task is too daunting. Thanks, Tiffany, for all the ideas!

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