20 for 21 Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: Measuring cups and spoons

We have a tendency to stack these together in the cupboard which makes them a little more difficult to use and to put away. 

Simplify this process by labeling and hanging your measuring cups/spoons by size on the interior of the cupboard door. 

You can download cute label artwork from Etsy and cut it on your Cricut, buy labels on Amazon or just use your favorite label maker.

This fast and easy task freed up space on the cupboard shelf, plus it made my measuring cups and spoons more organized and accessible.  Labels aren’t necessary – but might help you to track down missing measuring cups – like my husband’s hoard of ½ cup measuring cups, that’s a story from last Tuesday’s Live event, you’ll have to check it out on Facebook if you want the whole story.

I used Command hooks, a label maker, and a few of those clear rubber dots that keep cupboard doors from banging closed.

I wiped down the door with rubbing alcohol and added the hooks.

Printed and put up the labels.

Hung everything – then added the rubber dots (bumpers) to keep the measuring spoons from banging against the cupboard door.  The whole process took me significantly less than 21 minutes.


_____ Find a cupboard where you can hang your measuring cups and spoons.

_____ Use Command Hooks or something similar to hang everything.

_____ Put up labels – keep it simple & use your label maker, do something fancy with your Cricut, or order labels online.

_____ Add rubber bumper dots if the noise of your cups or spoons banging on the cabinet door is going to bother you.

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  1. Do you have a suggestion if your measuring cups do not have a hole to hang them up? I don’t want to drill one in, do I?

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