20 for 21 Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: Go Vertical – find three areas of your home where you could shift from a horizontal pile to a vertical file.

On Day 4 we talked about going vertical with your mail/bill, etc.  If you did that you can count it as one of your 3 areas.

Here are a couple of things I found piled up in my house that I was able to “file” instead.

Baking pans:

I found the rack at Target and it worked out really well.  After I did this I thought, I could have just drilled holes into the shelf in my cabinet and used wooden dowels to create the file.  If I would have thought of this earlier, I probably would have asked Park to create it for me.  (I might ask him anyway – I love the idea of being able to totally customize the gaps between each dowel to fit each pan.)

One of the biggest benefits to this was having the added space beneath the pan rack!

Mani-Pedi Pile:

I have this little plastic box in a bathroom drawer that contains everything I have for “nail” care.  It’s kind of a pain to dig through it looking for cuticle nippers or my preferred toe-nail clipper, so it was a perfect candidate for going vertical.

I tried a couple of small boxes and even a short jar, but none of the seemed quite right.  The perfect thing turned out to be a Tool Tower.

I was even able to rearrange some of the items in my cosmetic drawer and fit the tower in next to the Tool Tower I use to organize cosmetic brushes, hair clips, and tweezers.


______ Find 3 “piles” in your home that would be more organized and easier to use if they were vertical instead.

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