2011 Organization Challenge

Hello Crafters –
We’ve set up our schedule for the Get Organized Challenge.  As you may already know it will begin on Tuesday, January 11th at 10:00am (pst).
Before I commit to a topic schedule, Karen suggested I ask you what you found most difficult when it comes to getting organized.
If you’re facing specific challenges please email me or comment here on the blog and let me know.  While there are some standard things to cover, we want to be sure this challenge is genuinely helpful to all of you.
Looking forward to your input,

5 Responses to 2011 Organization Challenge

  1. Hello Tiffany
    I am really looking forward to this series. I appreciate that we will still get the benefit of the webinar even if we are not able to be online at 1:00. It will be great to have specific direction and to learn from you and the other participants. Thank you for your time. Merry Christmas.

  2. I agree that being able to get the information from the challenge even if the specific time for the webinar doesn't match up with our schedules is awesome.
    I've begun organizing my supplies, and putting them into the scraprack my husband got me for Christmas, and have already placed an order for more pages.

  3. I got my Scraprack for Christmas, and spent Sunday getting started sorting through things. I am looking forward to the information from the webinar, but will be unable to participate in the live versions because I work outside the home full-time.

  4. My biggest challenge is patterned paper. Not the obvious categories like Christmas, birthday, etc., but the not-so-obvious. Plaids, polka-dots, multi-colored pieces that don't have one dominant color. Where do these go in the organizational system? I have so much patterned paper! I've purchased the paper storage boxes, but haven't organized my paper yet.

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