3 ways to organize and store stencils

ScrapRack or Binder System

Both the ScrapRack and our 12×12 Craft Binders can be used to organize your stencils and templates. Pocket pages are available in a variety of sizes that coordinate easily with standard stencil/template sizes. One of the best things about binder style storage, you can customize your binder pages/pockets to perfectly fit your stencil collection. (Watch a video to learn how to customize your pages.)

How to organize stencils in a binder with Totally-Tiffany 12x12 pocket pages

You can create a stencil storage binder to store a variety of sizes of stencils – pictured above, or you can create a binder for a single size/manufacturer as seen in the Lea France 12×12 stencils binder below. In the Lea binder, I’ve also saved the packaging in the pockets with each stencil. The packaging gives instructions on how to use the stencil.

Store Lea France 12x12 Stencils P40 Pocket Pages

The binder or ScrapRack option also works well if you’re organizing stencils within the 4 Section System.

ScrapRack or binder storage will be a good choice for you if:

  • You prefer to keep your stencils stored with your other craft supplies.
  • You want to keep all of your stencils together regardless of size or manufacturer.
  • You want to use a catalog for easy reference to your stencils.

Fab Files or Paper Handlers and Tabbed Divider Pockets (TDP)

As I mentioned above, stencils come in a variety of sizes, many of them “standard” in the paper crafting world – 6×6, 6×8, and 12×12 are each very popular.

It’s simple to store and organize these stencils by size and/or brand.

6×6 stencils will tuck neatly into our 6×6 Tabbed Divider Pockets.

The 6×6 TDPs can be stored in either the 6×6 Fab File or the 6×6 Paper Handler.

6×8 stencils are narrower than the 8×8 TDP, the extra space allows you to stagger the stencils in the pocket for greater visibility. The 8×8 TDPs were designed to work with our 8×8 Fab File. The 8.5×11 Fab File TDPs are large enough to hold 2 6×8 stencils side by side.

12×12 stencils are a very common size in paper crafting, as our 12×12 templates like those made by Lea France.

Of course the 12×12 TDPs are a simple solution for organizing these large stencils and they can be used with either the 12×12 Fab File or the 12×12 Paper Handler.

12x12 Stencil Organizer, Storage for craft supplies

Fab Files or Paper Handlers with TDPs are a good choice for you if:

  • You prefer to organize and store your stencils by size – either Fab Files or Paper Handlers.
  • You’re storing your stencils somewhere that a “box” with a lid is necessary – Fab Files.
  • You’re storing your stencils on a shelf or in a cupboard, but you want to be able to easily access them and/or bring them to your workspace – Paper Handlers.

Fab Files will hold up to 25 TDPs – depending on how many stencils you’ve stored in each pocket.

Paper Handlers will accommodate up to 20 pockets, again, depending on how many stencils you have stored in each pocket.

The Desk Maid Die, Stamp & Supply Station (DSST)

We should probably add the word stencil to this product name Die, Stamp, Stencil & Supply Organizer. The DSST is a perfect solution if your goal is easy access to your stencils.

Because the DSST has 3 sections with varying heights, it can be used for a variety of stencil sizes while still keeping everything organized. The front section is the lowest of the three sections and can be divided into 4 compartments. This is ideal for smaller stencils, especially handy if you use small brass stencils.

Each section of the DSST will hold up to 25 TDPs per section, per side. If you’re using the 6×6 TDPs you’ll be able to fit 50 per section for a total of 150.

Die, stamp & Stencil organization, DSST

The DSST is a good choice for you if:

  • You use, or would like to use, your stencils regularly and want to have them easily accessible.
  • You have space on your desktop or shelf that will accommodate the DSST (15” x 9” – 38cm x 23.5cm).
  • You are using one of our Companion Carts and want to create a mobile “stencil station.”

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Happy Crafting!

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