3 ways to use the Perfect Paper Crafting Organizer Bundle

12×12 Craft Binder

24 Storage Page Variety Pack

5 Tabbed Dividers

This bundle of goodies is a powerhouse of organizing.  If you’re new to this product line, after you read this post, scroll back up here and click on the links above to learn more about each product in the bundle. (We’ll put more links at the end too.)

1. Organize a project

What are you working on now?  Do you have all the bits and pieces for your current project spread around your craftroom, dining room, or family room?  Whether you’re working out your Christmas Card plan for later this year or trying to finish up the last pages of a scrapbooking project, this handy bundle can help you get everything sorted.  I used this bundle to organize a trip to Panama. When I’m ready to work on it, I can simply pull it off the shelf and get started.

Be sure to always zip your binder closed before you store it.  This will help maintain the shape of the binder and insure everything stays where it belongs when you’re moving the binder around.

2. Organize and store products by theme or holiday.

You know I’m the #1 Fan of organizing your supplies where you’ll use them – on your ScrapRack, but this is the next best thing. Some themes don’t get used that often – travel or holidays for example.  So, organizing them in something that is easy to store and easy to retrieve can be a huge benefit in your craftroom.  If you are using a ScrapRack and you think it might be overloaded, consider moving a theme or holiday into a binder and only bringing them out when you need them.

This bundle includes a variety of pocket sizes and styles – and even a couple (2 of each) of our Double-Sided Duo pages – these pages have smaller pockets on the front (either 2 or 4) and a large 12×12 pocket on the back. They’re crystal clear, so look closely or you’ll miss that they’re double-sided.  These are ideal for keeping collections of paper and embellishments together.

When you’re adding things to the pockets, try to place items in each pocket that are tall enough to come above the pocket top and behind the “flap”.   Remember the pages are crystal clear, so face some items forward and some backward – you’ll have the best visibility of the most products that way.

3. Get your stencils and templates organized

This bundle is ideal for stencil or template organization.  Stencils are difficult to store because they are so thin AND they have a tendency to get caught or hung up on each other.  Simplify your stencil storage by inserting a piece of paper behind the stencil before you slip it into the pocket. It will be easier to put into the pocket and easier to see the design of stencil with the paper behind it.

When your binder is laying flat on the table, always turn your pages from the upper right-hand corner, rather than from the bottom of the page.  This will ensure that the items in your pockets slide down into the pocket as you turn the page.

Thanks so much for stopping by today to learn a bit about the Perfect Paper Crafting Organizer Bundle

I’m sure you’ll think of a few more uses for this handy collection of products! When you do, I hope you’ll come back to this post and share your ideas with us.

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