4 Testimonials you don’t want to miss, if you’re considering a ScrapRack system.

Rita B. – back to scrapbooking!

Dear ScrapRack,
I recently purchased your product. In fact, I bought the complete system and the wingless set too. THANK YOU!
You have taken the biggest downfall of scrapbooking and turned it into my biggest asset. This product, along with the 4 section system has re-inspired me. I have spent a lot of money, and I do mean A LOT, on organizational tools for my supplies. The problem was that it was still stacked or spread out. Boxes and binders, drawers & dividers, tiny boxes, and everything was labeled. The first thought that entered my head when I wanted to scrap or even plan a page was ” UGH! I can’t find anything. I know I had that. Where is it?” Instead of using 15 or 20 minutes here and there to work on something, I had to worry about the mess I would create and then have to clean up. I would have boxes open everywhere and be fumbling for supplies, often giving up and purchasing new ones to “save time” or avoid the search. Then whatever was left over, would return to my “organized” supply boxes and eventually be “lost” as well. This is why I had to buy the add on unit. I didn’t want to give up anything and I haven’t purchased one new product since I’ve had it. I know where everything is! I can find it all and I can SEE IT ALL! It is so easy to clean up too. I don’t have to wonder where anything goes. You truly are wonderful and I thank you for enabling me to get back to the basics-scrapbooking my memories, not organizing my supplies.
Sincerely, Rita B.

Marilyn B. – simply, I would recommend it to anyone.

I have thoroughly enjoyed using my scraprack for three years now. It’s so easy to find what I need. It’s also easy to compare the embellishments so I can pick the best ones for my layouts. I especially like having all my things in one place.
I would recommend The Scraprack to anyone! – Marilyn B.

Candace M. – not “if” but how many…

The Questions is “not IF you need a ScrapRack, but How many”. I resisted the ScrapRack for almost 2 years. My best ScrapPal had one and she kept trying to convince me to buy one. I kept thinking, “I don’t need that, I’ve got a whole room.” So for two years I cropped with Kelly and the envy stewed and bubbled in me. I watched her pack for crops and classes in just minutes. I watched her get page after page done. I watched her be able to find things in seconds that I had to dig through drawers and cupboards for and still I kept thinking,
“I wont’ use that, I like to take more stuff than she does, that’s why it takes me so long to get packed up.” But then, she showed up with her little crate wrapped in your Apron, and she set everything up in minutes and she was scrapping before I had even finished unzipping my totes, and I finally said “ENOUGH!” I bought my first ScrapRack and one of those great aprons to wrap around my little rolling crate. I begin sorting and organizing and finding all kinds of things I’d forgotten about, but I soon realized I need a second base – so I ordered another one. Well needless to say, I’m back on your website today ordering my 3rd base unit. “I need it, I love it, I can’t scrap without it!” Honestly, I’m so sorry I didn’t buy this system earlier. It would have saved me tons of time and tons of money. I even used the Paper Storage Boxes – boy did those make finding paper easy! So when people ask you If they need a ScrapRack, you should change your answer to…
“The question isn’t IF , but HOW MANY.” – LOL
Thanks for creating such an amazing product! Candace M. FL

Angie N. – Organization is the key.

This weekend I will be going to a big crop with about 112 women. The lady hosting this crop has asked me to demo my scraprack. I hope I do your wonderful company justice. It is an amazing product and it has put me so back on track that I have since Dec 1st almost finished a whole scrapbook. I never knew my problem was organization. I thought my creativity went into the ditch for awhile. Boy, was I wrong. Organization is the key. Thank you again, Angie N., Ottawa, Canada

If you’re considering a ScrapRack System, I hope you’ll take some time to watch a few videos and download and read a couple of class handouts. My goal is to provide you with great products as well as to provide you with easy to follow instructions, tips, and ideas for getting the most & best use out of those products. If you haven’t yet joined our email list – I’d encourage you to do that as well, we try to send out notifications each week that include new videos, classes, and products too.

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Happy Crafting,

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