4 Weeks of Organization

Get Organized with Totally-Tiffany

Hello my crafty friends –
  Are you ready to finally get your craft space organized?  This is your month to “Plan to be Organized!”  As most of you are aware, many of our products are in transit between our factories, our Tacoma warehouse & the Crafter’s Companion distribution center.

Now’s the time, while we’re waiting for everything to arrive, and the new website to launch, to establish your organization plan. Time to do all the prep work and make your shopping list, you want to be ready for the REALLY Big Sale!!!

Each week we’ll tackle a different topic.  You’ll find our website and social media accounts loaded with tips, tricks, ideas, videos, blog post and even shopping lists for creating the perfect organization system for your supplies.

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Week 1 – May 4th thru May 10th


It’s all about paper, how much do you have, how much should you keep, where are you going to store it?  Single sheets, collections and paper pads – all of them will need a home in your paper storage system.

Join Totally-Tiffany for an Embellishment Organization Class.

Week 2 – May 11th thru May 17th


Buttons and brads and bling – Oh My! How will you remember what you own and where you put it?  This week we’ll work on sorting, organizing and preparing your embellishments for storage.

How to organize dies & stamps together with Totally-Tiffany HSN

Week 3 – May 18th thru May 24th


Time to round up all of those small tools you’ve collected over your crafting life.  We’ll be grouping things together, deciding on cataloging options and developing a strategy for keeping them that way.  You’ve invested  a lot on money in these, getting them organized will help you use them more.

Week 4: May 25th thru May 31st

Workspace Planning

What do you need to function better, happier, and more easily in your workspace.  This week we’ll create a workspace design that puts what you need where you need it, when you need it.

As many of you are aware, 2 weeks ago I moved across the country from Washington state to Arizona.  While I would love to be doing live presentations for this series, I don’t have a studio just yet – or internet for that matter.  Hopefully, the internet issue will be resolved next week, but the studio situation looks like it could take awhile.  Please bear with us as we try to teach, demonstrate and share via blog posts, previous videos, downloads and printables.  As always, you can visit with us on Facebook, Instagram or email.

Looking forward to a busy month ahead!

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26 Responses to 4 Weeks of Organization

  1. Can you please offer this four week craft room organization class in a paper format that we could print out? I too am in Arizona, as a snow bird, but will be leaving May 15th and would like to follow your class when we get back to Washington.

    • Hi Cindy –
      This class is a little different, I won’t be doing it live, so the actual class/program will stay on the blog – with links, etc., indefinitely. With that said, I think it would be good to be able to print out all the information and/or download it to your computer for reference, I’ll see what we can come up with.

  2. yes i would like to join your get organized challenge
    i am re-organizing my craft room and i have a lot of supplies and a lot of time.
    thank you

  3. All the best in your new move! You’ve moved to my sunny state! Will miss visiting your Takoma spot when I’m in the NW!

    • Thanks Duska – We’re soooo happy to be here. The NW is beautiful and great place to visit, but I’m ready to be WARM!!!

  4. This is a perfect project at a great time. I’ve spent much of April just clearing out the craft (didn’t think I could use the word I really meant), now I’m ready to get it organized. I will miss your cheery videos, those always inspire me and make me smile.
    Welcome to your new sunny home, WARM is so nice!

  5. Every time you offer some organization class or workshop I sign up. Because I get a little more accomplished each time and I always learn something new!! Thanks, Tiffany!

    • It’s my pleasure! I’m so glad to hear you get a little more done and learn a little more too!

  6. Count me in! Especially need to get my paper organized and can’t wait to receive notice for when the items I’m interested in will be back in stock. Which city in AZ did you move to? Will you have a facility open to the public?
    Good Luck!

    • Hi –
      We’re starting with Paper on Monday, but we’ll be working through the blog and other links, videos that have been previously recorded. I don’t have a studio yet, so I’m not set up to teach live, but I will be in time for the Fall Get Organized Challenge Series. Are you on our email list? If so, you’ll get an email each Monday with links to the relevant info.
      I moved to Wickenburg, do you know where that is? Unfortunately, no shop here to visit. Thanks for being part of our crafty community! T.

    • Thanks Kathy –
      A Saturday class might be a good idea. I’ve been unable to do them in the past because the shows and conventions are always over the weekend, but I won’t be doing shows this Fall, so maybe we’ll try a Saturday class.

    • Hi Karen – Welcome!!!
      Because I don’t have a studio set up just yet, these “classes” will be taught via blog posts, printables and previously recorded videos, etc.
      Please do follow along with posts and join the Get Organized Challenge Facebook group. In the fall we’ll launch another Get Organized Challenge that will be taught live. You can sign up for that – here. If you’re on our email list you’ll get a weekly update about the “Plan to be Organized” series. If you’re not on the email list, you can sign up for that here.

  7. I really need to start with my paper, I did a quick purge about a month ago and found out I use very little pattern paper.

  8. Hope your move is going well! I’ve done the challenge twice. I’ve moved all my paper from horizontal to vertical . I’m amazed at the amount of space I have saved as well as easy access to all my organized paper. I’m in tbe process of praying that everything fits into my double scraprack. ( I also donated 9 boxes of paper and embellishments). Now how do I organize the rest. Perfect timing for more organization direction. Perfect timing! Thank you

  9. I started this a couple of years ago and got about halfway through. I’d like to join again. At that time, you had a great PDF print out with the steps. Is that posted on your blog somewhere?

    • Joan are you following the Get Organized Challenge Facebook group. You can find a link in Tiffany’s message above. There are lots of resources from Tiffany’s previous classes that you can read and print.
      It’s great fun and definitely worth the time and effort!

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