5 Buddy Bags that can be used with your Ditto Tool Bag

There are a number of reasons to add Buddy Bags to your Ditto Tool Bag; taking specific supplies to an event that are already in a Buddy Bag will save you time packing and unpacking, keeping smaller items contained in a Buddy Bag will help to keep things organized, and standing longer Buddy Bags up vertically can add to the capacity of your Ditto Tool Bag.

These are my 5 favorites:

Shelly– you know I love WASHI TAPE.

The Shelly bag will hold 11” of washi – so depending on how thick your favorite rolls are, you’ll be able to carry 11- 30 rolls in one Shelly Buddy Bag.  Washi tape also has a tendency to “wander” around your tote, Shelly keeps in contained, visible, and accessible.

Myrel – She’s Edna’s twin sister.

Both the Myrel and Edna bags hold everything from ribbon to distress ink.  They are basically the same size and shape, with one small difference, Myrel has end flaps that secure over the ends of the bag with hook & loop fabric.  This makes her a better travel partner than her twin sister Edna.

Myrel is ideal for long thing things like crochet hooks, knitting needles, and seam turners – things that might “slip” out of an open-ended Buddy Bag.

Craft supplies in the Teresa Buddy Bag

Teresa – little bottle and jars

The Teresa Buddy Bag is long and slim. She’ll help you organize re-inkers, glitter glues, small punches, and other supplies too.  Because she’s tall and slim she slides easily into your Ditto Bag without taking up much space.

Debra (on the right) or Terri (on the left) or both – Pens, Pencils and Markers

All of us seem to be junkies for color – colored pencils, tri-blend markers, markers for coloring, markers for stamping… Debra and Terri are both designed to hold long thin things like writing utensils.  Terri is the taller of the two, so depending on the types of markers you prefer to choose either Tall Terri or the shorter Debra will help you control your colors.

Irene – versatile and compact too.

Irene is a favorite among stampers because she’s ideal for a variety of ink pad brands – Powder Puff to Oxide – she’ll hold just what you need for attending a crafting event.  She’s also a great little catch-all for small tools, wood mounted stamps, and even distressing supplies.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I’d love to hear which Buddy Bags are your favorite to pair with your Ditto Tool Bag.

Happy Crafting,

4 Responses to 5 Buddy Bags that can be used with your Ditto Tool Bag

  1. I like the Shelly bag for washi tape. I bought the Denise bag for my stencils, embossing folders and stamp & die sets. However it’s not tall enough nor wide enough. Is there a more appropriate bag for me to use? Thanks so much.

    • Hi MaryLynne, sorry for the late reply! We just saw that a bunch of comments did not get automatically approved on our website.

      For storing those supplies, we would recommend the following items:

      Stencils: Fab Files

      Embossing Folders: Irene or Karen

      Stamps: Denise, Katya, or Karen

      Dies: Denise or Karen

      If you are looking for more information on storing these types of supplies, we also recommend checking out the page below!


    • Hi Kimberly, sorry for the late reply! We just saw that a bunch of comments did not get automatically approved on our website.

      The colored tic tac boxes are from Queen & Co.

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