5 Creative DIY Projects Using Baker’s Twine

All this week, we are talking about better ways to organize all of those colorful spools of baker’s twine. However, if you are like me, organizing your baker’s twine (by color) is only half the fun. The other half is all about using that baker’s twine in an amazing craft project!

So, if you already have your baker’s twine organized in our Teresa Buddy Bag or Stamp & Supply Stadium, then it’s time to put that baker’s twine to some good use and create a project. Check out these five awesome craft projects below, to get those baker twine juices following!

1. DIY Baker’s Twine Bookmarks

These DIY Baker’s Twine Pom-Pom Bookmarks by Design Improvised checks off every box on the list! They are cute, functional, and super easy to make. I also like how you can use the pom-poms to create pencil toppers as well!

2. DIY Baker’s Twine Party Favors

Baker’s Twine party favors? Yes, please! Learn how to create your own DIY Baker’s Twine Party Favors from The Crafted Life. I love this idea so much and think they would be so cute to give out if you were having a craft night with your girlfriends!

3. DIY Baker’s Twine

Who would have guessed that making your own baker’s twine would be so easy! Using this tutorial from A Step in the Journey, you will be making your own baker’s twine in no time. Also, making your own baker’s twine is not only a great way to save money, but you can make your own customized colored twine using your favorite markers!

4. 5 Minute Baker’s Twine Tassels for 33 Cents Apiece!

You can never go wrong with DIY tassels! Learn how to create your own tassels out of baker’s twine using this tutorial from Dream a little Bigger. The neat thing about this tutorial is that these tassels can be made in 5 minutes and only cost 33 cents apiece!

5. Mini Thread Spool Magnets

Sometimes it’s the smallest projects that pack the biggest punch! For instance, check out these adorable Mini Thread Spool Magnets by Loves Grow Wild. This project would be perfect to make if you have been saving all those small pieces of baker’s twine.

Remember that all this week are talking about ways to organize your baker’s twine! So, make sure you check out the current sale that is happening this week and to check back for more baker’s twine posts, here on the blog.

What was your favorite baker’s twine project featured in this post?

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