5 More Creative DIY Projects Using Baker’s Twine

If you have missed our theme for this week, we have been talking about better ways to organize baker’s twine. For instance, our Stash & Store 7 Drawer Case can hold up to 98 spools of baker’s twine! Now, if your collection is a bit smaller (or much smaller, like mine), then a Teresa Buddy Bag is the perfect solution! This is because a Teresa Buddy Bag can hold up to 11 spools of baker’s twine.

Baker’s twine is that much-loved craft supply that we want in every color but only seem to use as that finishing touch on a wrapped brown paper gift. On Tuesday, we shared with you 5 Creative DIY Projects Using Baker’s Twine. So, to keep the baker’s twine inspiration going, we thought it would be fun to share 5 more projects. Check out these five adorable projects below, which will have you seeing baker’s twine in a whole new way!

1. Lemony Lemon Bread

Ok, I will be honest, this is actually a recipe for lemon bread. However, this delicious lemon bread is from Glory of Glorious Treats and she talks about how the ”presenting” or ”styling” of food is her favorite part of baking. In her blog post, Glory briefly explains how you can achieve this same parchment paper, baker’s twine, handmade gift tag look.

I certainly would not turn down this lemon bread if it was given to me!

2. Baker’s Twine Lampshade

A plain lampshade plus some colorful baker’s twine equals a match made in crafty heaven! Learn how to decorate a plain lampshade using this tutorial from Better Homes & Gardens. One surprising fact about this project is that it doesn’t involve any glue! It’s made solely by wrapping and creating knots with the baker’s twine.

3. How To Make Adorable Linen Closet Labels

One thing that we love here at Totally-Tiffany is handmade labels. Jessica, from the blog The Organized Mama, did not disappoint with her linen closet labels! These linen closet labels look like embroidery hoops but are actually laminated paper. Also, the added touch of the baker’s twine, makes the whole label look even more adorable!

If I was using these labels I might continue with the embroidery hoop theme and use them for labeling my sewing supplies.

4. DIY Bakers Twine Wrapped Jar Vases

Do you have a few plain vases that you have been wanting to decorate? Well, with some glue and a few of your favorite spools of baker’s twine, you can have those vases decorated in no time. Using this tutorial by Angie of The Country Chic Cottage, you can create your own baker’s twine vase which would be perfect for holding flowers!

5. DIY Leafty Baker’s Twine Banner

If you love wall art projects like me, then you will love this DIY Leafty Baker’s Twine Banner from Carrie of Dream Green DIY! In the tutorial, she shows you how easy it is to use baker’s twine to create some leafy shapes on a canvas banner. This would be a great project to make over the weekend and would make the perfect addition to any gallery wall.

Remember that all this week are talking about ways to organize your baker’s twine! So, make sure you check out the current sale that is happening this week and to check back for more baker’s twine posts, here on the blog.

What was your favorite baker’s twine project featured in this post?

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