5 Ways to use your Ditto – Double-sided Desktop Tool Organizer

You already know the Ditto Bag is a great tool for organizing your basic scrapbooking, papercrafting and stamping supplies….

But did you know…

It’s also the perfect way to organize planner supplies?  If you’re a planner junkie like me, you’ll love having all of your planner supplies together and portable.  Especially if you carry them with you each day (as I do), or if you have to put them away in a cupboard or closet each day when you’re done using them.

In this Planner Junkie tote I’m also using 2 Shelly Buddy Bags for washi tape (another addiction of mine), 2 Debra Buddy Bags (1 for glitter gel pens and 1 for other markers and highlighters).  In the photo the Debra lids are tucked behind the markers, exposing the pens while keeping them grouped.  When I travel I just pull the lids over the pens and I’m ready to go.

On the right side I’ve added a set of 5 of our Stamp Pockets – these are perfect for planner stamps, dies, and other small planner accessories.

Consider the Ditto for big punch storage

The big punches that are available in the marketplace right now are cool and fun to use, but they’re also heavy and hard to store.  I loaded my largest punches into 1 Ditto bag.  I can slide the bag onto the shelf when I’m not using it, but I can easily bring it to my workspace when I need it. Yes, this does count as a workout. 🙂

Small and easy tool bag

If you’re like me, you probably have a garage full of tools. Well, honestly, my husband has the garage full of tools (and a shed too).  My most-often used tools are pretty basic.  When I need to hang a picture, tighten a screw, put some small piece of furniture together, open an HSN shipping box…I don’t need a garage full of tools for that, I just need a few basics.

You know if you’ve got these basic tools stored in the junk drawer you inevitably grab the wrong size or you don’t grab everything you need out of the drawer the first time – FRUSTRATING!!! and annoying.

Avoid this frustration by filling a Ditto bag with all of the basic tools you need to have on hand for small jobs.  I’ve got mine stored in the linen closet next to the extra lightbulbs.  When I need to do a small job, I grab the whole bag – that way I usually have everything I need.

It’s easy to take out, easy to put away – and you know my mantra – Easy gets done!

Go outside and play, ah, paint

Paint outside

Do you love to take your painting projects outdoors?  Whether you’re working in craft paints, oils, pastels, or sketching your garden, you’ll love how easy it is to move around with your supplies loaded in the Ditto.  Oh, you might also want to include your Rotating Design Board when you head out to draw, too!

Yes, I did stuff my portable easel into the paper trimmer pocket. The black and purple Ditto bags have a slightly different paper trimmer pocket design, so they are a little more roomy.

The perfect cosmetic caddy

Do you like to (or need to) tuck your cosmetic bag into a cabinet each day? Do you travel in a motorhome where unsecured jars and bottles could end up anywhere after a long drive to your campsite? Do you have a daughter or granddaughter who is headed off to college and needs to carry her bathroom supplies back and forth?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might just need a Ditto bag.  Easy to load with cosmetics, easy to access, but compact enough to tuck away under a cabinet or on a shelf if needed.

One last thing..

The Ditto bag is a great place to store your coloring supplies too!  On the left side I’ve got my Colorkeeper Stand & Store, a small coloring book and more specialty pencils.  On the right side I’ve got a Rotating Design Board, a Debra bag filled with gel pens, a couple more coloring books, erasers and a sharpener.

Thanks so much for stopping by today to learn a bit more about our Ditto Bag.

Are you already using a Ditto bag in an unconventional way? If so, we’d love to hear about it. Please use the comment box below to share your ideas with us, or just to ask a question.

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  1. Just read this blog and I love the alternative ideas for using the Ditto. It’s making me re-think the need.

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