12 ways to use the 5×7 Fab File

Like so many of our products, the 5×7 (medium) Fab File was designed with 1 thing in mind – photos – but its uses expand almost daily.  The list of uses below goes from basic craft organizers to “out of the craft room” ideas.

If you have other ideas about how to use these handy little boxes, I hope you’ll share them with us by using the comment box at the end of this post.

5×7 Photos

Up to 300 photos can be stored in each 5×7 Fab File box.
Each of the file folders that are included with the box (6) will hold about 50 photos.  Each file has a clear pocket on the front which is preloaded with a note sheet.

Like most of our products, the 5×7 Fab File is a little bit “oversized”.

The box is 6.5″T x 8″L x 3.25″W (16.5cm x 20.3cm x 8cm).

The actual dimensions of the file folders are 7.5″W x 6″T.  This allows a little bit of protection for the edges and corners of your photos. In the images to the left, you can see the 5×7 photo on the open file folder, there’s just a thin edge of file folder around the photo.  When the file is closed, the edges and corners of the photos inside the folder are protected.

The clear pockets on the font of each file folder also work well for small memento storage.  Ideal for ticket stubs, small postcards or even “smashed” pennies.

There are label tabs on both the side and the top of each Fab File box.

Embossing Folders

5×7 embossing folders are a perfect fit in the Fab File. You can organize your embossing folders using the file folders that are included in with the Fab File – label them by theme, holiday, or designer. Each file folder will hold up to 5 embossing folders, a total of 30 embossing folders in each Fab File.

Another option is to use our Shut Your Flap Labeling Tabs to label each embossing folder individually. This option works well if you’re using a cataloging system.

Acrylic Stamps/Unmounted Stamps

Unmounted stamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but 5×7 is a good fit for many of them.

Using the file folders in your Fab Files to label and store your unmounted stamps by theme, holiday or event is a good solution for those of you who have just a few stamps.

If you’ve got a lot of stamps, you may want to give them each a number and use a cataloging technique instead of organizing by theme.  You can use the included file folders to help with labeling by number or you can use our SYF tabs to number each stamp/set.

Stickers/3D Stickers /Embellishments

Using a Fab File to organize small collections of embellishments works well if you prefer to organize your embellishments by “type”. Whether you’re storing sheets of bling by color or 3D stickers by theme, holiday or event, the 5×7 Fab File will help keep all of these items together and accessible.

Cards You’ve Made

You’ve invested a lot of time, money and love in creating those special handmade cards.

Keep the cards protected in a 5×7 Fab File.

Use the file folders to separate your cards by theme, sentiment, or event.

Label the outside of the Fab File so you can easily find exactly what you need when it’s time to send a card.

If you let your family members send cards you’ve made, they’ll easily be able to find the perfect card by just reading the labels on the Fab Files.

Card Blanks and Envelopes

Protect the edges and corners of your card blanks and envelopes by storing them in a Fab File(s). I recommend storing them by color, unless of course they are a specific theme, then store them by theme. When deciding to create a card, you first consider the type of card you’re going to make, and possibly the materials you’re going to use, then you need to choose an appropriate card blank. Generally that decision is based on color. If you’ve got your cards and envelopes organized by color, it will be easy to see all the different shades as well as the sizes and shapes you have to choose from.


Do you like to carry a BUNCH of markers with you when you go to an event? Do you store your markers away from your work space? If so, the 5×7 Fab File is an easy storage and transport solution. The 5×7 Fab File will hold 55 Spectrum Noir brand markers, 80 Copic markers, and up to 48 Colorista Markers
Stand the box up when you’re using the markers. Secure the lid and lay the box on its side when you’re storing the markers.

Bling Box

While I’m not a huge advocate of separating out your craft supplies by type, I know there are crafters who prefer to organize this way.  The 5×7 Fab File works well for grouping certain products together by type.  One of these types of products is bling. Use the file folders to label bling by color or theme and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Bling Organizer, 5x7 Fab File

Out of the Craft Room Ideas

Charging cords & cable collector

It seems like charging cords, cables, and ear buds multiply on their own around my house. I’ve got a plethora of them, even for devices I don’t use (I’m sure these were left behind by friends of my sons). I rounded all of them up and put them into a 5×7 Fab File. It’s also helpful when I have house guests who’ve forgotten their chargers.  I occasionally leave a cord on a plane or in a hotel room, so having the spares all in one place in my office makes it easy to find what I need.

I sorted mine into the file folders and labeled them, it’s a little funky, but it works. You can skip the file folders and just fill the box with cords – at least they will all be in one place.

Tiny Toy Box

If you’ve got kids or grandkids in your life, you know they always need a little something to keep them occupied. Try giving them a 5×7 Fab File and letting them fill it with things to play with in the car or at a restaurant. Kids love “small” stuff and will have fun choosing what to take. You’ll be happy because the “Tiny Toy Box” can only carry a small amount of stuff. It’s also easy to clean up and easy to carry to and from the car.  What did I load in this Tiny Toy Box?
1 action figure
1 box of crayons
1 pad of paper
2 lego projects with instructions
1 set of flash cards
1 stuffed frog
5 Hot Wheels cars

Travel power converters – foreign currency, too!

If you’ve traveled out of the country, there’s a good chance you purchased a set of power converters. There’s also a good chance that you came home with some foreign currency. If you think you’ll return to that country, you’re most likely going to hold onto the currency. Why not store the currency and the converters together in one place? When you’re ready for your next great adventure you’ll be able to pack those two things quickly and easily.  The 5×7 Fab File is just the ticket for this!

Organize power converters and currency

Fabulous First Aid Kit

In the car, camper, or cabin, a simple first aid kit can be a real lifesaver – possibly even in the literal sense. The 5×7 Fab File is just the right size for a few necessities. Load up bandages, OTC pain relievers, sun burn spray, bug bite treatments, etc. If you’ve got a kid heading off to college, this compact little kit could be an ideal accessory to their dorm room.

5x7 First Aid Kit

And yes, you can do this too.

Washi tape storage, 5x7 Fab File

Okay, I started with 11 uses, but added the Tiny Toy Box after my sister shared her frustration with rounding up her grandson’s cars in the back seat of her car.

These little boxes are so versatile!  Lightweight and inexpensive -but still very durable – Fab Files can be an ideal solution for taking control of so many little things.

If you’ve got other ideas for using our Fab Files, I hope you’ll take a minute and share them with us in comment box below.

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