5 ways to use the Double-Sided Stamp Bag

Maybe I should have titled this post 5 OTHER ways to use the Double Sided Stamp bag.  This bag is a perfect tool for organizing wood-mounted stamps, but it can also be used for so many other things.

It’s compact, it’s portable, it’s see-through, it’s lightweight, it’s in-expensive…I could go on, but instead, let me share with you a few ideas about other ways to use it. (If you want to learn about using it for wood stamps, read my previous blog post.)

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1 Paper Crafting Project Planning

“Messy” and “Neat”.  That’s how I divide up my products when I’m using a Double-Sided Bag as a project planner.  Things that might leak, flake, stick or stain go into one side.  Things that won’t, go into the other.  I can pull both trays out, put them on my workspace and work out of them. When I’m done, the trays slide back into the bag until I need them again.

2 Traveling Office Supplies

It seems that I’m constantly in need of a postage stamp, or a piece tape when I’m in the car.  Mailing that last minute birthday card, leaving a note on a friend’s door, or writing a note/list for myself, is a regular occurrence in my life.  Having a small office supply stash in my car (I’ve got one in the motorhome, too), has come in handy on countless occasions.  Scissors, tape, markers, etc. are in one side.  Things I want to keep flat – envelopes, paper, sticky notes, postage stamps – are in the other.

When my kids were younger I also kept gift cards, and “kid” birthday cards in my office supply stash – it was very handy when I’d forgotten about a birthday party until the last minute.


If you’ve taken one of my classes you’ve heard me say it over and over again. Keep Things Together You Use Together.

The double-side bag makes it easy.  If you like to color, consider using the double-sided bag to keep you pencils/markers and your color books together.

One benefit to the pull out trays, your pens/markers stay contained in the tray, they won’t roll off the table and onto the floor.

4 Portable Planner Supplies

If you’ve been bitten by the planner bug, like I have, you probably have a separate stash of planner supplies.  My supplies are stored in a Ditto Bag on my desk at the office.  For awhile, I was carrying my handbag, computer bag, totebag, and Ditto bag back and forth everyday.  It got a little overwhelming, not to mention the fact that I had to have someone open the door for me on the way in and on the way out.

I needed to have planner supplies at home and at the office…

So the double-sided bag was the perfect solution.  Narrow enough to fit in my tote bag, big enough to hold a variety of planner products!

5 Simple needlecraft project kit

If you do needlecrafts (I don’t, but my mother does – you can thank her for this idea), you know it’s nice to keep together all of the supplies you purchase for a project.  Specific colors of embroidery floss, the right sized hoop or needles, instructions for the project, all of these can get lost or  separated without a designated storage tool.  The double-sided bag can provide a simple storage solution for each of your needlecraft projects.  When you’re ready to work on a project, just pull the bag out of the closet or off the shelf.  When you’re done working, everything goes back in the bag.

It’s a great solution for travelling with needlecraft projects too.

When you’ve finished the project you can move the remaining floss, and tools into your regular storage area, and the bag is ready for the next project.

Do you have or are you planning on buying our Double-Sided Stamp Bag? If so how are you using it/them? Or how will you use them?

The Double-Sided Stamp Bags are on special this week. You’ll save 25% on each set of three bags you purchase.  Will you need 3,6,9…

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  1. Thanks for all the mind expanding clever ways you offer to be organized and ready to create! I have been able to clear not only my art room but my mind! So much easier to find my projects and supplies.

  2. I’m using the double sided bag and the single side bags for wood stamp storage! So compact on the shelf and easy to find with the catalog for reference! Now I’m looking forward to using some for other purposes. Thanks for the great ideas!

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