5 Ways to use the EZ2Organize Karen Buddy Bag

Like so many of our products, the Karen Buddy Bag can be used for a variety of craft storage options.

Card Blanks & Envelopes

If you’re a card maker, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the KBB for dies and stamps, but you might also want to consider it for storing and organizing your larger card blanks and envelopes.  I sorted mine by color and then added a large “Shut Your Flap” tab to separate cards from envelopes.

Cards to send

You’ve made (or maybe purchased) cards to send to friends and family, but where are they now?

The KBB is an easy, visible way to store cards you’ve made (or purchased) while you’re waiting to send them.  Again, I used the Large SYF tabs to section off cards by theme, event, etc.

Embossing Folders

Oh where, oh where have my embossing folders gone?
Oh where oh where can they be?
They’re thin and white
always out of sight –
Oh embossing folders, come back to me!

Don’t misplace these useful little tools you’ve collected. Round them up and store them in the KBB. You’ll love being able to “flip” through them.

Pop Dots, Glue Dots, Adhesive Sheets

There’s probably no official pop dot, glue dot, adhesive organizer – there’s just a pile of these stuffed into a corner of a drawer or a tote somewhere in your craft area.  The trouble is, when you need them, you can’t remember where you stuffed them.  Or if you do find them, there’s a good chance they’re all bent up and stuck together.

Create an official organizer for these in a Karen Buddy Bag.  I also included my self-adhesive clear pockets with these items and I did use the Large SYF tabs to label each group of products.

Marker Organizer

I’m always talking about sharing your ideas with me/us – this is a shared idea.  You can load 66 Spectrum Noir markers into a Karen Buddy Bag.  That means you can most likely get around 80 Copics, or a whole bunch of Tim Holtz Distress Crayons, or a pile of Nuvo glitter markers…

What brand of markers are you using?


Thanks so much for stopping by today to learn a few more ways to use your Karen Buddy Bag.

If you’re using your Karen Buddy Bag, or any of our products, in a new or different way, we’d love to hear about it.  Please tell us about it by using the comment box below.

Happy Crafting,

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