5×7 Fab File – Accessorize for stamps and dies.

5×7 craft supply organization can be easy with the 5×7 Fab File and a few accessories.

If you’ve used our 5×7 Fab File, you already know that this Fab File comes with 6 reusable file folders – ideal for organizing photos.  Since we’ve introduced this Fab File size, it’s evolved to hold a variety of craft supplies.  Top of the list, stamps, and dies.

Perfect for stamps and dies

The 5×7 size is an almost “standard” size for stamps and dies.  To create a custom stamp and/or die organizer, start with a 5×7 Fab File – called the Card Maker’s Fab File and add Stamp Pockets, 5×7 Magnetic Sheets or Sticky Die Storage Cards.

Use the 5×7 Card Maker’s Fab File with 5×7 Stamp Pockets and 5×7 Magnets to organize your dies and stamps together.

Use the 5×7 Card Maker’s Fab File with Sticky Die Storage Cards for dies and 5×7 Stamp pockets for stamps.

If you’re trying to get your stamps and dies organized, consider using the same 4 Section System I recommend for all of your supplies.  If you’re a Gloria Gottalotta when it comes to stamps and dies, I would strongly recommend cataloging them and storing them numerically.

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