5×7 Organizer Bundle, let me tell you all about it.

As you probably already know, each week we feature different products. This week we’re featuring the 5×7 Organizer Bundle. In this post I’ll give you the details on the bundle including how all the pieces work together and why we decided this was a good combination of products.

What’s included:

2 – 5×7 Fab Files, each includes 6 reusable file folders (12 total).

1 – Small Shut Your Flap Tabs (40 tabs)

1 – Large Shut Your Flap Tabs (40 tabs)

1 – 5×7 Stamp Pocket Set (5 pockets)


Why do all of these things work well together?

The 5×7 Fab Files are a “staple” for craft room organization.  There are so many things that come in this dimension, from photos to embossing folders to 3-D stickers.

Labeling is a really important part of organizing.  That’s where the Shut Your Flap Tabs become so valuable.  In this bundle you’re getting both the small and large Shut Your Flap Tabs (SYF).  The Fab File folders do come with repositionable sticker labels, but once you’ve written on them, they can’t be reused.

The SYF tabs allow you to easily remove and replace labels as the items in your Fab Files change.  This is especially helpful with photos, as you “scrap” the photos in the Fab File, you’ll want to reuse the Fab File and file folders for your next project.  The Large SYF tabs are the perfect size for labeling the tabs of the Fab File file folders.

The small SYF tabs are amazingly useful for labeling all kinds of items within your Fab File system.

With photos, use the small SYF tabs to label smaller groups of photos within a larger group.

The file folder contains all of the “San Diego Trip” pictures.  The small SYF tabs break down groups by things we did in SD, and pages I’ll create in my album.

With embossing folders, use the small SYF tabs as you’re creating a catalog and assigning numbers.

If you’ve just got a few 5×7 embossing folders,  use the large SYF tabs to label them with a name and store them in alphabetical order.

The small SYF tabs are also the perfect size to label the tabs on the Stamp Pockets that are included with this bundle.

The Stamp Pockets obviously work well for stamps, but they can also be used in your 5×7 Fab Files to hold anything from small mementos to embellishments.

One of the most important things about organizing is working with products that work the way you do.  In this bundle we believe we’ve added maximum versatility while still keeping things very simple and useful for a variety of different types of crafters.

If you would like more information on how to use the 5×7 Fab Files, please read my next blog post, 12 Ways to use the 5×7 Fab File.

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