6 Reasons to take the challenge!

  1. You have a goal to get your craft supplies ORGANIZED.
  2. You want to be able to craft with friends and family. Right now the condition of your room/space doesn’t allow for that.
  3. You’re frustrated with spending most of your crafting time digging and searching for supplies you “know” you have.
  4. You’re tired of buying duplicates.
  5. You’re annoyed when your significant other asks you if you’re a “crafter or a collector”?
  6. You would love to attend a crop or class, but the idea of planning and packing for a crafting event is paralyzing.
Cathy Craft Room Buried, Square GOC Girls Get your craft room organized with Totally-Tiffany

I’m not going to mislead you, the GOC is a lot of work.  It’s a commitment you’ll need to make to yourself.

In most cases, it will also take a couple of times through the challenge to get it all done.

What I can tell you, is you will certainly enjoy your crafting time more when you can find what you need and when you need what you find.

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Looking forward to meeting you during the GOC.

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7 Responses to 6 Reasons to take the challenge!

  1. I am looking forward to doing this again to fine tune and finish the organizing I started during the 2018 Challenge!

  2. I’m doing GOC for the 2nd time b/c I still need to get my embellishments where I can find them easily. It’s been a wonderful work in progress. I put things back to their new “homes” whereas before it was a jumble.

  3. I would love to have a space that is organized so I can work on projects without have to search for things. I also spend as much time dragging things out and putting them away as I do actually working on projects. I have the space just need the plan

  4. Not that I want to ignore the other subjects, but I am really struggling with how to organize my unmounted stamps (acrylic stamps). I have so many that they would probably take up half of the scraprack. I currently have an unused scraprack. My issue is how to organize them. Also, I have a number of stamp/die sets. I feel like I can only use 2 of the 4 section system to keep it from getting overwhelming. Which video(s) would help me to get started?

  5. I have to repeat this challenge for the 3rd time (shhhh-don’t tell anyone)! I was pretty much finished and doing well after the 2nd time, but then I was DX’ed with cancer, got better, and now I am back to making messes again. Here I am 3 years later, repeating. At least this time I am not as overwhelmed because I know there is an end in sight! Thanks, Tiffany!

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