6 Ways to use the 1.5″ Punch Pack

As you probably guessed from the name of this product, it was designed to help you sort, organize and store your craft punches.

The 1.5″ tray is perfect for medium sized punches.  The clear vinyl makes it easy to see exactly what you’ve got. Being able to go vertical gives you ease of access and saves space.

Beyond punch storage there are many other ways to use the 1.5″ Punch Pack. 

Converting from “pawing” through to “looking” through your washi tape collection is fast and easy.  There’s even a short video in my last post about how to create simple dividers for your 1.5″ Punch Pack watch/read it now.  The 1.5″ Punch Pack can hold up to 125 rolls of washi tape (depends on width of tapes) – I believe there are about 80 in the image above.  The pull out tray allows you to get to the washi tape at the bottom quickly and easily.

21 Nuvo Dot bottles will fit in the 1.5″ Punch Pack.

16 standard craft paint bottles can be arranged in 2 rows in the 1.5″ Punch Pack.

Coloring supplies organized PUPKSSG13

Adult Coloring Supplies

Traveling with coloring supplies can be difficult.  The depth of the 1.5″ Punch Pack allows you to carry tons of pencils and a coloring book too. When you’re ready to color, pull out the tray and set it on your workspace.  Your pencils will be at your fingertips, but they won’t be rolling around and dropping onto the floor.  Great for travelling with kids crafts too!

Organize your craft projects for home or travel.

It’s easy to put all the pieces of a project together in the 1.5″ Punch Pack.  I’ve got everything together for a set of Thank You cards. When I’ve got time to craft, I can just grab this punch pack and get started.  If you’re setting up a project like this, consider adding things like adhesive, spare scissors, a bone folder… anything you might need to actually work on the project.  When you grab it and head out the door you’ll have everything you need.

Organized craft prjects for travel.

Like so many of our products, the 1.5″ Punch Pack can be used in a variety of ways.  I’m sure some of you are using it in ways I haven’t even considered.  I hope you’ll take a moment to share your ideas with me using the comment box below, and/or send pictures to me – CustomerService@Totally-Tiffany.com.

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