8 Places to use your Rotating Design Board

There are so many great ways to use the Rotating Design Board – and there are so many PLACES you can use it too!

At the table.

In your favorite recliner.

Coloring in bed.

In the Garage

The Rotating Design Board is designed to be used everywhere.  The construction is solid, providing the perfect resistance for being used in your lap.

On an airplane.

Travelling with the Rotating Design Board is easy.

It even fits in the back pocket of our 24 Pocket Color Keeper, perfect for packing into my carry-on.

I opened the Color Keeper  and tucked it into the seat-back pocket. All of my pencils were visible and accessible.  Easy to color and I wasn’t worried about my pencils rolling around or falling on the floor.

Try using the Rotating Design Board in the kitchen – for cake or cupcake decorating.

Use it in your garden shed for planting small pots.

Bring it along on your next road trip in the car.

You can even use your Rotating Design Board in your craft room (LOL).


In your craft room.

I’ve found so many good uses for, and places to use, the Rotating Design Board, but I’m sure you’ll come up with a few more.  I hope you’ll take a minute to tell me how you’re using our Rotating Design Board by leaving a comment below.

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