Adjusting the Crop Seat to fit your chair

The Crop Seat was designed as 3 separate parts to allow maximum versatility when it comes to types of chairs on which it will fit.  Adjusting the Crop Seat to fit your chair is an easy process.

You’ll notice the hook & loop fabric (sometimes called Velcro) on the Crop Seat is wide and long.  This makes it easy to attach the panels of the Crop Seat together around different sizes and shapes of chair arms, backs and sides.

In the pictures below you’ll see how the Crop Seat attaches to a variety of chairs.  You’ll notice that I don’t always use all of the hook & loop tabs.  Keep in mind that you are going to be sitting on the Crop Seat, so it’s not going to anywhere.

Adjusting the crop seat - Crop Seat Tool Organizers for crafting and office, Turquoise right side

The standard folding chair is  easy to fit with the Crop Seat.  We’ve separated the side tabs, so they can easily fit through the bars on the chair.  Start by connecting the side panels to the front flap and then work your way around the chair.

Crop Seat Tool Organizers for crafting and office, purple, right side

This is a tall rotating stool.  The Crop Seat “seat” sits perfectly on this stool seat, but if your “seat” was bigger (or smaller), the 2″ strips of hook & loop fabric will allow you to easily adjust the side panels up or down.

Crop Seat on Chair with arms.

The Princess chair above has arms, so I attached the side panels to the front of the seat, then wrapped the apron all the way around to the back flap of the seat.  The first section of the seat’s hook fabric tab I just tucked under the seat.  This is plenty of connection even though a large portion of the hook and loop isn’t attached.

Crop Seat Tool Organizers for crafting and office, pink.

This is the chair that is featured in the video.  Because of the back cross bars, I didn’t need to use the tab pieces that extend off the back of the seat panel.  I just tucked them under, and then wrapped the skirt’s tab pieces around back to connect with the back piece of hook fabric.

Attach Crop Seat to Dining Chair with solid back

The chair pictured above is a standard dining room chair with a more-or-less solid back.  There were 2 options here; wrap the back tabs around the outside bars, or simply just fold the back section under.  The images below show both options.

Connect the back panels to the side panels first.

Back view, crop seat wrapped around chair back.

When wrapping around a back bar, start by putting the “seat” section on the chair first.

The second step is to wrap the back tabs around the bars and connect them to back strip on the seat panel.  Once the back is wrapped, connect the sides and the front.

If you prefer not to wrap the tabs around the back bars, simply fold the back piece of the seat panel down and under.  The tabs will be sticking out.  Fold the tabs from the side panels on a diagonal and attach them to the tabs.  This will prevent the “hook” fabric on the tabs from “grabbing”onto anything.  Again, it does NOT matter that the back is not attached to anything.  The Crop Seat will sit still on your chair.

Fold the side tab over the back tab - Crop Seat

Add Crop Seat to a dining chair.

Are you using a Crop Seat on a chair that is different than one we have pictured? If so, we’d love for you to share a picture with us.  Please email your pictures to

Thanks for stopping by today to learn a little bit more about our Crop Seat.

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    • Janet, I made a 2” cushion for my crop chair. I think I’d put it in the chair first and then put this on top of it. That’d make it nice and cushy for my tushy. 🙂

  1. I have an office chair with a back that is attached to the chair seat. Will the crop seat work on that?

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