All about Bits and Bobs

These handy drawer sets (six drawers in a set – four small, one medium and one large) are a simple way to take control of the random Bits & Bobs that are floating around your craft room, bathroom, office… anywhere actually. You’ll find so many uses for them.

What you should know:

The Bits and Bobs Drawers set is sold separately from the Bits and Bobs Boxes set.

The Boxes fit into the drawers to help organize the small things in the drawers.

The Boxes can also be used alone, in your current desk drawers, kitchen drawer, bathroom, etc. – they’re super handy!

The drawer sets can be configured to fit just about anywhere.  They were designed to fill the bottom portion of a storage cube – like the IKEA Kallax or Expedit.

But because each of the six drawers is independent you can stack them to fit your space. 

One of my favorite things to do is to stack then into one tall tower, connect them together for easy transport in my Lois Tote.

Try using them in your sewing area…

Ideal for everything from bias tape and ric rac to bobbins and thread – oh and most knitting/crochet needles too!

You’ll love them in your craft room. The drawers pull all the way out and can be used as a tray to hold supplies while you work. Pull out the entire tray and bring it to your workspace, when you’re finished, slide it back into place.

Need to tidy up your cosmetics, hair accessories or first aid supplies? This drawer and box set is a perfect solution.

There are so many places in your home or office where you’ll find these drawers to be a perfect solution. I hope you’ll fill them up and share a few photos with us!

Thanks so much for stopping by to learn a bit more about The Bits & Bobs drawers and boxes.

Happy Crafting,

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