An idea from Gail in Grapevine, TX – Washi Tape Organizer

One of the cool things about attending the Scrapbooking/Stamping Shows is meeting all of you and hearing your great ideas about how you’ll use our products.

Last weekend at the Grapevine SB Expo I met lots of fun ladies.  One of them was Gail Wheeler, a fellow planner addict.  She’s a member of the “The Planner Society” from Scarlet Lime. Gail was looking for a way to store her Planner Society washi tape.  Her idea was to use our 1.5″ Punch Pack, thinking she could get about 15 rolls per row, and a total of 6 rows in 1 Punch Pack. That’s 90 rolls!

This sounded like a great idea to me, so I asked her to send me a couple of pictures once she got the 1.5″ Punch Packs loaded up.

The image above-left (click image to view larger) is loaded with Gail’s Planner Society washi tape.  I asked her about the paper dividers and she explained, “The paper I used for the dividers is 110lb paper. I cut a piece 11″ x 3″ and folded it in half and on the ends to fit.”

What a simple solution to keep washi tape organized!

The image above-right shows the new Queen & Co. washi tapes that Gail bought at the show along with a couple Dew Drop inks.

Special thanks to Gail Wheeler for sharing her ideas and her photos with me/us.

If you’ve got a good a idea about one of our products, I hope you’ll take the time to write in and share it.  Please use the sharing buttons below to share this idea with your crafty friends.

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