Applying the Principles

Hi Ladies –
I know many of you were participants in our recent Get Organized Challenge.  Based on the emails and Facebook responses I’ve been getting/reading, I would have to say the Challenge was very successful.  I have also heard from several participants about how the principles of the webinar have flowed over into other parts of their lives.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by some other organization task, be it a drawer, a closet, or an entire room, try applying the principles we learned in the Challenge to the task at hand.  Here’s a great email from one of the Challenge participants:

  I just applied the principle of small areas at a time–sometimes just one drawer or shelf. Finish that one and move on to the next. I had a box handy for items that were misplaced and needed to go elsewhere, another for box for charity, and of course, the garbage can. Liberal use of the latter I might add. It is quite amazing how “stuff” builds up and accumulates when you’re not looking.
One of the major things I did, and am so glad I finally did it, was to rearrange the upstairs laundry area. There are two shelves, one up high and one lower (note: I am only 5′ 1″). I had always had the cleaning supplies on the high shelf and extra toiletries down low. Duh! I need to clean more often than I need a new bottle of baby powder. Got out the stepstool, took everything off both shelves, and moved the cleaning supplies down and the toiletries up. So much handier.
Of course, my cats have been very useful in the cleaning process, checking out every open drawer and cupboard. They “snoopervise” well, though don’t help in the cleaning.
My husband is dutifully going through his To-Do list for today and hopefully will attack his closet soon. Not holding my breath though, as he’s more likely to decide a nap is more necessary.
Take care,  Jeanne

  If you’ve used the information from the webinar series to help you with organization in other parts of your home/life.  Please share them with me so I can forward them on to others.
  Our next Craft Organization Challenge starts on Tuesday, April 12th.  Here’s a link to the details about the series. – Get Organized Challenge.
  Happy (and well organized) Crafting,

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