Are you a Dining Room Table Scrapper?

One of the things I found most frustrating about scrapping at the Dining Room Table was hauling everything out and then putting it all away. I felt like I spent more time “hauling” than I did actually scrapping.
If you’re a DRT and frustrated with how time consuming it is to “get ready” to scrap you need a ScrapRack Single Base System and an Office Depot CropCrate.
You’ll be able to go from This: To This:

To This:

Quickly and Easily, best of all, you’ll stay organized the whole time!

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Working from the dining room table or some other “community” area can present many challenges; Shared space, organization, time for set up and clean up, supply storage, just to name a few. Scrapping itself is a time intensive hobby, if just getting ready to scrap takes too long it’s just not fun – it becomes a chore. For many dining room table (or other community space) scrappers leaving your supplies out for an extended period of time is not an option. You may have concerns about kids getting into your stuff, other family members also needing to use the area, keeping your home neat and tidy, or you just might enjoy serving dinner to your family at the table. All of these problems, obstacles, concerns can be remedied with a ScrapRack System, in fact, the ScrapRack was designed for just this purpose.

Shared Space
Working in a shared space like a dining room table or a family room area is always a quite challenging. Not only might you need to set up and clean up the area regularly, you may also need to be able to keep your supplies away from “little fingers”, and maintain organization at the same time. The best remedy for Shared Space Scrapping is a single base unit ScrapRack system. This will allow you to keep literally thousands of supplies contained in one small area. The protective storage sheets will help to keep your products clean, and free of wrinkles, bent edges, or tears, while still allowing for maximum visibility and accessibility. A ScrapRack dust cover will keep your supplies concealed while at the same time protecting them from dust and light damage. Best of all this system can quickly be “folded” down and put away.

The most successful scrappers have well organized supplies in an easy to access system. When you use the 4 Section System to organize your supplies you’ll be able to get to the things you want to use quickly and easily. Read more about the 4 Section System and the steps for getting organized by clicking here.
If you have more supplies than will fit on a single base unit (7 Spinders), you may still only need a single base. Coordinate all of your supplies on as many Spinders as you need and then store them in a closet or on a shelf for easy access. When you’re ready to work with a particular theme or category, simply take that or those Spinders off the shelf and place them on your base unit. Simple, Fast, Easy.

Setting Up and Breaking Down – Quick and Easy
The biggest and often most frustrating challenges for Scrapping in a shared space are actually getting set up and then putting things away. Not only are these things time consuming, they can be frustrating due to the fact that It’s always difficult to find what you need. Using the collapsible ScrapRack Base makes it easy to set up and breakdown.
As a single base unit user, we strongly recommend that you store your ScrapRack Spinders fully loaded, standing straight up and down in a rolling crate, like the type available at Office Depot. (The Office Depot crate sku is 987304.) One of these crates will accommodate 7 Spinders. This particular type of crate comes with a lid which will double as a moveable table for your ScrapRack.

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Remove each Spinder from your base unit. We recommend slipping a blunt edged instrument down between the Velcro fabric on the base and the Velcro fabric on the Spinder. Something like a bone folder or the BasicGrey Rub On Roller tool works great. Gently slide the tool down the length of the Spinder and it will easily pop off into your hand. Stand the fully loaded Spinder and its pages up in the crate. Continue this process until all of the Spinders are standing upright in the crate.
Remove the wings from your ScrapRack Base Unit. These will slip easily into the back pocket of the CropCrate Apron. The CropCrate apron is available on our website and was designed to fit this particular collapsible rolling crate. If you aren’t using the CropCrate Apron, you can slip the wings into the crate with your pages.
Collapse your ScrapRack base unit. Simply remove the long silver hook from the hinge section of your base unit and fold the base flat. Again, this will fit nicely into the back pocket of your CropCrate Apron, or into the crate itself.
Put the lid on your rolling crate and store it easily in a closet or some other out of the way place in your home.
Setting up your Scrapbooking Supplies
Set up is just as easy as breaking down. Remove all of the loaded Spinders from your Crate. When the Crate is empty, replace the lid.
Set up your ScrapRack base unit by reinserting the silver hook to connect the hinge supports. Place the base unit on the lid of the crate so all 4 of the rubber feet are sitting on top of the lid and the long piano style hinge on the base unit is at the top of the unit. Insert the wings into the slots on the sides of the base.
Now, place each of the Spinders on the base unit in 4 Section System Order.
Take a seat and start scrapping. Simple, Fast, Easy.



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