Denise or Karen – who’s the best buddy for you?

Two great choices – do you need them both?

Determining which is the best card organizer for your card stash is easy when you’ve got all the information.  In this short post I’ll give you the details on both of these girls side by side.


8″ wide x 4″ deep x 6″ tall

5 tabbed stamp pockets
5 tabbed sticky die storage cards Karen was designed with card making in mind.  Her dimensions focus on card blanks, but also unmounted stamps and dies, making her perfect for keeping matching sets together.
Her top is angled, so she’s not stackable. Which also means she’s not the best travel buddy.

The pockets and cards that are included with the Karen bag can be used as dividers for organizing your cards by theme, sentiment or holiday.

If you generally use larger cards – 5×7,  Karen could be the right choice for you.


6″ tall x 8.25″ long x 5.25″wide

Denise was designed for smaller card making supply storage, embossing folders, dies, stamps and card blanks.

Denise works like a small “file”.  There are 3 interior boxes that hold your supplies straight up so you can easily flip through them to find what you need.

Because Denise has a “soft” top, if you’re going to travel with her loaded with cards, you may want to add something that is stiff and slightly taller than your cards – like an embossing folder – to each section. This will keep the top “up” and your cards protected.

Denise is also sold in a set with pockets and tabs. Learn more.

Thanks for popping by today to learn a little about the differences between Karen and Denise.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask them in the comment box below or email us directly at

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