3 Best Buddy Bags for markers

When it comes to markers, we all have our favorite brands. Most of us work with double-tipped markers which means we want to store them flat. The advantage to using Buddy Bags for marker storage is that you can store them flat in two ways, but stand them up for easy access when you’re using them.

1 – Denise Buddy Bag

Tons of markers, Spectrum, Colorista, & Copic

The Denise Buddy Bag will hold dozens of markers.  This bag has 3 interior boxes which will help keep your markers standing up straight when you’re using them. Denise will hold up to 85 Spectrum or 105 Copic markers.

2 – Debra Buddy Bag

Zig, Stampin’ Up, Copic, Colorista, or Spectrum Noir

The Debra Buddy Bag is ideal for taking a small number of markers with you or for organizing your markers by color. Close her up and lay her flat for double-tipped marker storage.

She’ll hold:
32 narrow markers (Zig, CTMH, Stampin’ Up!),
15 Spectrum Noir, Colorista or Mexpy markers
20 Copics Markers
80 Pencils

3 – Terri Buddy Bag

Long tall markers like Tombow, Artist Loft and Zig too.

The Terri Buddy Bag is a bit taller than Debra or Denise.  She’ll hold most longer markers (Chameleon markers are the exception).  Like Debra, she has a roll back top for easy access to your markers when you’re crafting.

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  1. Is the height of a Buddy Bag (like the Debra) the main body of the bag or does it include the top closed over the bag? Thank you so much!

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