Boarder Hoarder Part 2

Hi Crafters –
 Well, I’ve gotten an update and some pictures from Jean.  She’s so much fun and she’s making my job really easy!  Here’s what she has to say (scroll down to see some pictures):

From Jean
Well, I thought I was close to getting you some more pics, but … those closets I found …yep, more stamps!! OMG! I have tagged 1400 now and still have probably 50 more to go…maybe…give or take. And, those that I thought I could “purge”…well, nope, can’t do it because I found out (in the nick of time I might add!! lol) that we are expecting our first “two legged” grandchild next year! We already consider ourselves grandparents since our daughter has a pug named Henry and our son has a blue heeler named Hank. So, those baby, lullaby, cutesy kid stamps will come in handy soon!

Jean’s Old Stamp Wall
Jean’s New Number Stamp Storage System.

    This is definitely a huge, huge project I have undertook and I’m so glad I did my research on the scraprack and attended your class. This system is going to be a tremendous help for me now that I have even more purpose to organize everything properly. The unit(s) are suppose to be arriving tomorrow.
  It is amazing now that I have 1400 stamps in photo boxes on my shelves (approx 37 boxes and growing) that I actually “shrunk” them down on paper to 20+ pages for the rack! I numbered them all individually, stamped them on paper, then like paper doll cut-outs, I cut them out and sorted them by calendar, theme, alpha and rainbow, then pasted them onto those particular sheets. This system will definitely knock out the amount of time needed in search of a certain stamp I want to use.
  I am attending my last convention this weekend and I’m hoping that they don’t have any stamps! I am going to try very, very hard to be “good” and not add to the stock I have. In fact, of the scrapbook paper, stamps (doubles and triples plus those I know I won’t be using), trimmers, etc. that I don’t require any longer, I am “purging” into a wicker basket and giving it up for the charity auction that we are having at the convention.
Well, that’s it from this end. Once all of this is under control, I’ll feel so much better…even if it is only half under control!
Take care.

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  1. I am so impressed that you've tackled such a daunting task!! I just bought this system and watched the video and can't wait to "transform" my room. I hope I'm as successful as you.

    As a fellow stamp addict (lol!) I can probably rival the amount of stamps you have, but I am curious if you have sets of stamps like CTMH and Stampin Up how you would simplify the sorting? First of all, they won't fit in shoe boxes if you keep them together in their original containers, and while they can be used with other stamps or sets, you wouldn't want to seperate them. I don't know if that made any sense! I think I'm giving myself a headache!! 🙂 Any ideas would be appreciated!

    Kathy W.

  2. What kind of category did you put stamps that are not specific to a holiday or theme? Such as, circles, squares, generic shapes.

  3. My circle, squares, squigglies, etc. are going to go under theme as Tiffany suggests for stamp organization. I'm also thinking about adding a copy to alpha, numbers & punctuation since you could add a letter inside the object (?).

    I have lots of stamp sets. Some are wood while others are CTMH and Stamp Up. I repeatly read about scraprack organization and then sit down and fight with myself if I should break up the sets or not. The wooden sets I have broken up into "like" items and stamped multiple copies to place in different areas (calendar, theme, etc). The clear ones I think I might do the same. This way, I have multiple places as described in the stamp system in which to play with the stamps.

    Unfortunately I can't seem to stick "on track" completing one area first. The more I multi-task, the more I feel a bit out of control. Any suggestions? Or does the creative side of us all tend to stray????

    Appreciate all of the comments and advice. I can use it for sure! Glad to see there are other addicts out there as well who share this joy. I must say, having everything at your fingertips will be easier than fishing through lots of boxes, crates and plastic bins!

  4. Thanks for the comments, encouragment is a plus! And, any advice is always appreciated. Stamps that are circles, squares and such I have finally decided that I'll put under alpha, numbers & puncuation and maybe even go as far as giving them a "sub-tab" just so that I don't forget where I did put them!

    To Katy W. – I do have many stamp sets from those and a few misc. others. The wooden ones I just threw caution to the wind and broke them up after many restless hours of deciding, but kept the plastic cases for other uses. I did that only because then I can mix n'match with so many others. The clear stamp sets I haven't quite decided. I'm leaning toward doing the same thing. Also, scraprack has some awesome sheets that you can also tuck them into or one person used large zippo bags and then by using the file sticky do-dads with the holes punched in the side for placing them in the scraprack is a great idea. I bought alot of those (can't do "alittle") for that purpose. Any ideas on that one will be appreciated!

    It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that there are other "addicts" out there. I'm sure there are alot of comic book/baseball card addicts as well if they would admit it as well! lol

    Also, I'm new at this blogging thing, so I need help on how to put my name on top and such. Please advise! thx

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