Brandy is getting her quilting supplies organized with our Desk Maid products.

Hi, I’m Brandy Roller, Warehouse Manager at Totally-Tiffany.

I have been waiting for the Desk Maid set to come out for months and now that it is here I LOVE it!

The first thing I did was paint some of my pieces in a pastel Yellow, one of my favorite colors. I also wanted to prevent any marks from showing up so I used a High gloss paint to add a protective layer on the two that I painted.

Brandys Desk Maid

The Stadium Arranger and Tool Tower are the most functional to me. I’m using them to help with my quilting and sewing organization.

I am still working on how I can utilize the Pen and Ink Palace to its full potential.

I am more into sewing than anything else, so when I set my workspace up I wanted to make sure that it was going to be highly functional for a large quilt project. Currently I am working on a King size quilt that consists of over 1700 small squares, so staying organized is a must! I have been testing my setup for the past week and absolutely love how easy it is to get to all my tools. The Desk Maid pieces were also a nice addition to the Stash and Store Boxes that I just purchased.

I have always been an organized person, but I love how Tiffany has created a system that keeps me organized AND productive. The result is that I have a lot more motivation to take on large projects like the King size quilt with so many pieces and details.

Brandy's Quilt Pieces Brandy's Quilt Block (1)

Happy Crafting,


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  1. I want to know how you organize your quilt fabrics. I have many one yard pieces of fabric (and some longer pieces) needing to be organized or stored. Can you tell me what you do with your fabrics that you aren’t using yet?

    • Hi Donna – For how to organize your fabric, I would recommend something similar to how we teach craft organization; using the 4-Section System. You probably won’t have alphabets/numbers for the first section, but group your fabrics into Themes, Calendar/Holidays, Rainbow. (Here’s a link to the 4-Section System) As for where to organize them, 1-yard pieces can get pretty bulky, but they’d be awesome in the Crafter’s Cart with the Crafting Apron. You can store all of your Quilting supplies in the apron, your tools in the top drawer, then all your fabrics in the other drawers. (Here’s a link to the cart + apron) Hope that helps!

  2. Thank u so much for the craft carts, I bought 6 of them. Gave 1 each to my older grand kids an i have made use of 4 of them. 1 for my planner….1 for ALL MY bathroom items…makeup, hair supplies. The other 2 Crafts……wonderful to get Organized!!!
    May have to order more ……so HANDY. Can’t say Thank U Enough.
    BB in Az.

  3. I just purchased the 10pc. clear 13X13 bag with 9 different (?) Buddy Bags. I truly like to be able to SEE all of the Buddy Bags through the clear BIG Bag! I just GRAB and GO whenever I want with this EASY organizational item—THANKS!

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