Burn The Ship!!!

If you’ve never heard the “Burn the Ship” story, I’ll summarize it very briefly here – a Spanish Conquistador wanting to insure his troops didn’t leave without accomplishing their goal, is said to have “burned the ships” so the troops didn’t have the option of going home.  There is some discussion as to whether this story is true, but the message is a good one – don’t allow yourself room to fail.
Two weeks ago I decided it was time to “Burn my photo and memorabilia ship.” I had several boxes of photos, memorabilia, etc all piled up in a corner of my studio.  When I initially brought the boxes out of the closet and stacked them in the corner, my thought was; I’ll just work through them one at a time.  Weeks, no months, later, they were still stacked in the corner.  Looking at them was giving me hives.  I knew I needed to use the studio to make videos the following Monday, that meant everything needed to be cleaned up, so…..Let the burning begin!!!

I emptied the boxes out into piles on my desk. I also set up a table behind my desk with some large plastic boxes. These would be used to store my photos chronologically once they were sorted. Next, I sorted the pictures by year.  As I was going through the pictures and memorabilia I came across a lot of things that I wanted to keep, but that I wasn’t actually going to scrap.  These items went into the Big Book Box.  The Big Book is a good old fashioned scrapbook.
 Once I got through all of the pictures and memorabilia it was easy to put them in chronological order

and then file them in the storage boxes.
Up on the top shelf of the storage room they went.

  Last thing…I put all of the Big Book Stuff into the Big Book.
Sweet!  It took me all day, but Ahhhh it’s done!

 As a bonus, I found these really cool stickers, from an old camera, but they gave instructions in multiple languages.  I put them into the Words of Wisdom section of my ScrapRack. (Click on them to make them larger.)  As we approach the start of the 2014 Resolve to Get Organzied Challenge, what ships will you burn?  
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  1. Cool! I need to do that exact thing but need to gather up the pictures first they are all over the place. But I like how you organized them in the boxes. Need to take a que on that and do it too.

  2. Well, that just looks so nice all done up. I need you at my house…I will supply the coffee…and snacks…PLEASE….
    Okay thanks for the MOTO-VATION to my MOJO-VACATION Thanks for all your interesting clever tips, tricks and product too!!

  3. I know what you mean, Tiffany. My studio and fabric/ mixed media room (2 separate rooms) have been in a state of 'ship burning' since last summer. About the time I had everything pulled out to purge/ sort/ store we had a couple other things come up we could NOT put aside. So now I am back at it, making serious project and looking forward to another round of your workshop. ~Creative Blessings!

  4. Had no idea what you were talking about, then looked around my living room and realized I just did this! Last weekend the only child home was my youngest, and we wanted to scrapbook together. So disappointing for both of us – my supplies were such a mess we just couldn't. So, I tore everything out of their stash places and refused to put anything away until I knew I would use it, knew where it would go, and had it organized. Which means that, ahem, one week later, my living room is still a mess – but I don't want to throw stuff back away again! Going to post a "Burn the Ship!" sign for myself and get it done! Thank you. 🙂

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