What can you stash in our Stash & Store boxes?

The 5 Drawer Supply Case – Stash & Store washi tape and more.

The 5 drawer box came into being because I’m a WASHI TAPE ADDICT!!! I’m not ashamed to admit it, and I’ve got no intention of getting help. I love washi tape so much, I usually have multiple rolls of it in my purse or computer bag.

The 5 drawer box will hold over 100 rolls of washi, but it will also hold countless other items.

So, I think the real question is – What CAN’T you store in our Stash & Store boxes?

Thanks so much for stopping by today to learn a little bit about what to store in our 5 drawer Stash and Store boxes. If you’re already using these or plan on using them for something else, I hope you’ll take a moment to share your ideas in the comment box below.
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  1. Thank you for this article. I got the seven drawer box has a gift last month. I have not figured out what to store in it. The only thing in it to date is stickers. I do not wish to put any inks, ink pads or anything to stain in it. Now I will try some other items like can ntainers of flicking powder, emboss, glitter to see how I like it. I did not even think about nor did I know it will fit in my cubes from IKEA or other craft bins. Wonderful to know since I was gonna to let my 4 H youth use it for scrapbook items.

    • Kathryn –
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. One of the cool things about these boxes is they are easy to decorate. Don’t be afraid to get them a little dirty, because you can always cover them with paper, paint or washi tape, to cover up the messiness. I’m working on a couple of new videos about these products today. They’ll go up on my YouTube channel and our website before the end of the week. T.

  2. I have more bottles of mists/spray inks than what fits in the bottom drawers. Yet if I got enough of the Stash & Stores – too many and not enough height storage places in my home. These bottles are too tall to fit in the EZ2O line also! Any ideas? Love how your products maximize my limited storage areas and make them accessible, especially since I have mobility issues( a caveat to purchasing and using your product line!). Thanks Tiffany for lots of great ideas!! Kt

    • What type of paints/sprays are you using that are too tall for the Gail buddy bag/7 drawer Stash & Store? I’m working on a few new buddy bag designs right now. T.

      • Lindy’s Stamp Gang, Heidi Swapp Color Shine to name 2. They fit fine in bottom drawer of S&S however I’m planning on adding more of the lsg to my stash once I’ve gotten to that reward on my Big Benefits goals list! So I’m planning ahead. I have limited spots for tall storage at depth of the Stash & Store. the LSG sprays are just a smidge too tall for Gail Bag. Tried them in the Stamp bags so store vertically in bookshelf but even with strip cardboard between top bottle row and bottom row – not good fit, can’t easily access, keep upright etc. Us gotta-lot liquid coloring stuff and mediums folks need help! If time, will ask on the Fb page. LOVE that you are always solving our access->to use issues! Thanks a million! Kt

        • Thanks for the response, Can you give me the height & width on the LSG. I don’t have any 🙁

          • The LSG bottles are 4 and 15/16 inches high and about 1 and 3/8’s diameter. Diameter is similar to the Heidi Swapp bottles.They fit fine in bottom of Stash and Store but are too high to fit in the Buddy Bags.

  3. Went to Ikea yesterday, it is always a special trip because it is pretty far from us, and purchased 2 of the new Eket double wall cubes (They don’t carry Expedit any longer). Once we got them assembled discovered they are NOT square. I needed them horizontal on my desk to hold up my scrap rack, but the Stash and Store was a FRACTION of an inch too tall. Bummer!

    • P Gigoux – I’m sorry you ended up with a unit of cubes that were too small for the Stash & Store boxes! We designed them to fit the Expedit, but when they got rid of that line, the Kallax was the direct replacement. The Eket is a different series with different dimensions. The Stash & Store cases are fine to stand on a shelf, too, if that’s any consolation. Good luck!

      • IKEA is really good about taking back items (forever) if you feel the need to get the right Kallax unit. I have the new Kallax system and can verify the Stash & Store fits perfectly in them. However, be warned, I did buy the IKEA Kallax dividers (divides the shelf in half) but you will lose about an inch, so a 12×12 album no longer fits in the cube. I returned my dividers to IKEA without any problems. That said, I LOVE the Kallax line for holding my Totally Tiffany spindles and paper totes.

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