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How to organize stamps & dies together with 5×7 pockets & magnets.

Organizing your dies and stamps together is an easy way to ensure you’ll be able to find them when you need them.

Create a file of organized dies and stamps using our 5×7 pockets, 5×7 magnets and either the 5×7 Card Maker’s Fab File or the Karen Buddy Bag.

I recently received a couple of new die and stamps sets from Diamond Press.  Here’s how I put them together.

organize stamps & dies Diamond Press, Totally-Tiffany

These two sets are both “Valentine’s” type designs.  After I get them organized and into a storage container (Fab File or Karen Buddy Bag) I’ll add them to my tool catalog.  If you haven’t yet created a tool catalog that includes your dies and stamps I would really recommend it.  Learn more…

I’ll use 1 5×7 pocket, 2 magnetic sheets and our small Shut Your Flap label tabs for these dies & stamps.

It’s sometimes difficult to know which dies match up with which stamps.

I laid the stamp sets on top of the magnetic sheets and then began sorting through the dies.

How to organize dies & stamps together with Totally-Tiffany HOw to organize dies and stamps, Totally-Tiffany How to organize stamps and dies with Tiffany Spaulding, Totally-Tiffany

With the dies arranged in the same layout as the stamps, it’s easy to find the correct die for each stamp.  It’s also helpful to figure out if you’re missing a die/stamp.

Organize dies and stamps with Tiffany Spaulding, Totally-Tiffany Organize dies and stamps with Tiffany Spaulding, Totally-Tiffany

I repeated the process with the second set and created label tabs for each set.

I placed the first set into the pocket facing forward and the second set into the pocket facing backward.  With the second set, I put the label tab on the magnet sheet facing forward so it will be easy to read.

Organize 2 sets of dies & stamps in 1 pocket, Totally-Tiffany Organize with Tiffany Spaulding, Totally-Tiffany, Dies and Stamps

These 5×7 pockets can be stored in either the 5×7 Card Maker’s Fab File or the Karen Buddy Bag.  If you travel with your supplies or need to stack them for storage, I would recommend the Fab File.  If you craft at home, you’ll like the ease of folding back the top of the Karen Buddy Bag for easy access to your stamps and dies.

The 5x7 Stamp and due organizer lets you keep your dies and stamps together in one neat tidy box.  Add our 5x7 magnets or sticky die storage cards for an even better system. Organize card making supplies with Karen Buddy Bag from Totally-Tiffany Organize stamps dies HSN Dies & Stamps organized by 4 section system HSN

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