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My new planning favorite – Washi Flakes

Planner Favorite Washi Flakes - Love these!


I stumbled across this new line of stickers when I was in JoAnn last week.  I fell in love with them almost instantly and decided I had to share them with all of you – my crafty cohorts.

Why do I love them? 

The are beautiful, cute, and trendy! AND, they are also very flat on your planner page.

Planner favorite washi flakes in my planner, Totally-Tiffany

They have the same sort of translucence as most washi tape, so the lines, colors and patterns in your planner will show through them most of the time – like the orange square on the bottom of the planner page above.

I bought these 4 packs…

Planner Favorite Washi Flakes - Love these! Planner Favorite Washi Flakes - Love these! Planner Favorite Washi Flakes - Love these! Planner Favorite Washi Flakes - Love these! in package.

but then I found out they were on sale this weekend, I had to go back and get more.  I now have almost the full collection.

So, while I did start out shopping with intention – I was looking for birthday, travel and daily decorative stickers.

The second round was just pure planner madness.

Now I’ve got to add them all to my planner supply stash.

They also have some large Washi Flake stickers – what dog lover could pass these up?

If you go looking for these at JoAnn, I think they are only available at the larger stores – they are avialable on line.  Don’t blame me if you blow your crafting budget. 🙂

Happy Planning, Crafting & Creating,

T Totally-Tiffany Logo, Pink Block ini

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