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Digital Idea Organization

There are so many great ideas that we find on the internet, in emails, posted on Facebook or pinned to Pinterest.  Keeping track of all of them can be overwhelming to say the least. Yesterday I hosted a “how to” webinar on getting all of these ideas organized into one easy to use digital notebook… Continue Reading

Creating an online journal using Word

One of the challenges with journaling in our scrapbooks is having access to the information.  You can create a simple online journal using a standard word processing program like Word.  Follow these easy steps and you’ll be journaling in no time. Open a new Word document. Save it As Journal on your Desktop. Start each… Continue Reading

Camping Organization – Simple Shower Kits

One of the biggest challenges when you’re camping is getting everybody off to the shower with everything they need and having them return with it.   Putting together a basic shower kit is easy. Start with a Silverware Tote/caddy or other waterproof type carrier. The plastic baskets that are sold for carrying around cleaning products… Continue Reading

Organizing your Scrapbooking Layout Ideas

Scrapbooking Magazines, Papercrafting Magazines, Emails, Websites These are all filled with wonderful layout ideas for not only scrapbooking, but cardmaking, gifts, home decor projects and more. There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you have the perfect idea stashed away in a magazine but then not being able to find it. Idea organization can be very… Continue Reading

Organizing Scrapbook Ideas and Patterns

Stay Consistent – That’s my Mantra 🙂 One of the things that makes you successful with organization is developing a strong system and then sticking with it. When it comes to organizing Scrapbooking Ideas and/or Paper Piecing Patterns you want to stay with the same system as with all of your other supplies. My best… Continue Reading

Organized Camping

Food – Try to prepare as much ahead of time as possible. Slicing veggies for cooking before you go and storing them in ziplock bags makes it really easy to put meals together. Put meats into ziplock bags with marinade prior to leaving the house also, that way you just put them right onto the… Continue Reading

New to this Blog Thing

Okay – After much coercion from friends, family, students, and customers I’m going to give this Blog thing a shot. As most of you know I’m always looking for the fastest most efficient way to organize things, anything – Scrapbooking Supplies, Our Offices, Park’s Garage, the kids backpacks…..the list is endless as are the ideas.… Continue Reading