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Stephanie Barnard Ink Pad Storage Solutions

You already know Stephanie is my bestie!! Besides loving her as a person, I also love her products!! This week I’ll be discussing solutions for different types of inks, so of course, I’m starting with Stephanie.

Stephanie’s full-sized ink pads are what we call “classic” size.  While the classic sizes might vary slightly in design, they all have very similar dimensions – think Colorbox, Catherine Pooler, FSJ, etc.

Stephanie’s ink pads are super juicy, so while you can store them upside down, it isn’t required.

The Gail or Teresa Buddy Bags are ideal for Stephanie’s large and small ink pads.  With Buddy Bags you have the option of laying them flat or standing them up.

Stephanie Barnard ink pads in Gail Buddy Bag from Totally-Tiffany

If you prefer to store your inks by color family, keeping your small and large ink pads together, the Gail Buddy Bag will accommodate 6 large and 6 small ink pads.  Your blending pad handle will fit in the Gail bag too.

Buddy Bags are great for crafting on the go, but if you’ve got space in your craft room to have your ink pads visible and accessible, you’ll use them more often.  Try the Desk Maid Pen & Ink Palace, in either the 15″ or 9″ size (the 9″ size is available at Hobby Lobby – did someone say “40% off coupon?”…)

The 15″ Pen & Ink Palace will hold up to 30 large ink pads.  The 9″ Pen & Ink Palace will hold up to 24 ink pads.  Both have a recessed area on top, perfect for reinkers.

While we’re talking about Stephanie…if you’re using her markers, you’ll love the Terri Buddy Bag for organizing, storing, and for traveling with them. They’re a little longer than the average craft marker, so the Terri Buddy Bag is a perfect solution.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  If you use other brands of inks, you’ll find more information about ink pad organizers on our – We’ve got an organizer for that, Ink Pad Page.

Happy Crafting,

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