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Tip #19 – Catalog your tools

The idea of cataloging can seem overwhelming, but the benefits are worth the effort!

Imagine being able to find a stamp, punch, embossing folder, stencil or die in just a few seconds? Finding things quickly is just one benefit of using a catalog.

You’ll use more of what you have in your tool collection.

You’ll feel less frustrated and overwhelmed looking for supplies.

Your catalog will act as a reminder of tools you’ve forgotten you owned.

I recommend using a 12×12 binder – you’ll get more images in on a page, but any size binder will get the job done.

My example in the video above is the 12×12 Craft Binder with 12×12 SuperSized Single ScrapRack Storage pages.

I store the majority of my tools in the DeskMaid Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer.

For Punches and Wood Mounted Stamps – I use Stamp, Store & Go Punch Packs.

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All 4 Punch and Supply Packs from Totally-Tiffany. Organize stamps, punches, projects, and so much more.

Tip #18 – Fill your space

Fill your space left to right, back to front and top to bottom – DON’T stack things on top of each other. Ultimately being organized means that you’re able to put your hands on the supplies you need quickly and easily. That translates to having the most stuff within easy reach.  In order to maximize… Continue Reading

Tip# 16 – Use a Project Organizer while you work.

Use a “project organizer” to keep all of your supplies for a specific project together while you are working on it. It’s rare that I can sit down and create a project from start to finish.  It’s much more common that I’ll need to put the project away and take it out a time or… Continue Reading

Tip# 14 – Why use Tabbed Divider Pockets?

When everything is in a pocket, everything is the same height.  This means that labels are neat, organized, and easily readable. Pockets keep all of your supplies that work together, together – a set that includes Dies, Stamps & Stencils will easily fit in one pocket. Pockets keep pre-cut, pre-stamped, or pre-stenciled pieces with coordinating… Continue Reading

Tip #13 – Words

Create a WOW section (Words of Wisdom) for your generic words, quotes, poems, etc. When you start organizing your supplies you’ll find that the majority of words fit into a specific category – Happy Birthday, On the Road, Bon Voyage, Retirement… but there are also those generic words that could work on any number of… Continue Reading

Tip #12 – Organize vinyl by type

One of the biggest challenges with vinyl is making sure you have and use the correct vinyl for your project. Storing vinyl by type and then by color will make it easy to find what you need.  I also like to save scraps with the remaining roll. Thanks for popping by today! Happy Organzing, Tiffany… Continue Reading

Tip #11 – All about the RAINBOW!

The 4th section of the 4 Section System is The Rainbow.  This is where I recommend you store craft supplies that don’t fit into a Theme, Sentiment or Holiday category.  Group these supplies together by color.  Flowers, Ribbons, Tiles, Tags, Brads, Eyelets, Glitter…..all of them.  You’ll be amazed at how much more you can craft… Continue Reading

Tip #10 – Organize Alphabets by SIZE

This is somewhat counterintuitive for most people. When we’re organizing t non-theme, non-holiday alphabet supplies, the natural inclination is to group your alphabets together by color, or by product type, sticker, chipboard, un-mounted stamp, etc.  But when you take a moment to consider how alphabets are used, they are generally used within a finite space.  If… Continue Reading

Tip #9 – Stencil Organization and Storage

 Best solution for stencil storage – a notebook with pocket pages.  Most stencils come in standard sizes – 4×6, 6×6, 12×12, etc., and all of these sizes will fit easily into the ScrapRack basic storage pages.  Each of the pockets can hold 4 or 5 stencils. My suggestion is to create a small “pocket” by… Continue Reading

Tip #6 Wood-mounted stamps

Don’t miss out on using the perfect stamp because you couldn’t find it, or even remember that you had it.  The biggest problem with wood-mounted stamps is the huge variety of sizes they come in – with one exception, the thickness – most wood-mounted stamps are about 1” thick.  Which means they all fit perfectly… Continue Reading

Tip #4 – Photo Organization

Where photos are concerned, less is definitely more!  Avoid getting overwhelmed with big boxes of printed photos by using smaller boxes and storage containers. Group photos by project or chronologically. Use Shut Your Flap tabs to label each group of photos.   When you’re ready to work you can take one small box off your… Continue Reading

Tip #2 – Go Vertical

If it’s horizontal it’s a pile, if it’s vertical it’s a file. It’s always easier to pull out supplies when they are standing vertically rather than when they are in a horizontal pile. Create a library of tools with Tiffany’s Slide, Stash & Store collection.  Ideal for everything from punchboards to yarn. Sort, organize and… Continue Reading

Tip #1 – A great system is mandatory.

A great system is the most important part of getting and STAYING organized The most important thing about organization is creating a mental path for your brain to follow to find your stuff. This can best be accomplished by keeping things together you use together.  When we’re talking about crafting, that means categorizing your supplies… Continue Reading