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EZ2Organize Bags for Paints

Are you an avid painter with lots of paints or do you just have a few bottles you’ve collected for 1 or 2 specific projects?  Are you just getting into mixed media and thinking your paint collection is going to grow? Whatever the case, EZ2Organize Bags can help you organize, store and travel with your paints.

All of these Bags share a few common characteristics.  First, they’re all made of clear vinyl.  Second, they each have an interior tray which helps to keep your bottles upright and organized (or flat and organized in the case of the 1.5″ Store and Go bag). Then finally, they’re easy to clean.

The 1.5″ Store and Go Bag

This bag is a favorite for so many things, and paint storage is just one of them. The pull out tray will hold up to 16 bottles of paint. Plus, if you’ve got a lot of paint, you could use one bag for each color or color group.

The Leanne Buddy Bag

Leanne is a bigger gal. She’s got tons of room for 27 – 2oz paint bottles. You can store them right side up or upside down, if you want a better view of the paint color. Leanne closes up tightly with hook and loop fabric on all 3 sides of her lid.

The Gail Buddy Bag

Gail was born to hold paints, sprays and mists for paper crafting and mixed media projects.  She’ll hold 8, 2 oz paint bottle, 6-7 spray &/or mist bottles. Plus, she stores easily in the Laura 2.0 Tote.

The Sue Buddy Bag

Sue is a flexible girl.  If you’re got some spray paints, mists or sprays, a few bottles of craft paint and a few other things you’re trying to contain, she could be the perfect girl for you!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I’d love to hear how you’re organizing your paint collection.  Please tell me about it by leaving a comment in the box below.

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